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Help with paranoia/panic

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sinsterizme, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Hey,

    So I smoked weed again for about my 6th time in 3 years and I had a bad time, like most of the other times. I think the only other times I enjoyed it is when I didn't actually get high because I hadn't smoked for over 6 months. Now I don't know how common this is but I had about 5 or 6 hits of a joint (it was good weed apparently) and I was alone. And holy shit, as soon as it started hitting me I freaked out, running around the house trying to find something to do.

    It's hard to define exactly what was scaring me but I believe it was not being able to get a grip on reality and not feeling normal. I had the same fear one time when I was really drunk, but this was 3-4 hours worth of pure stress. I just lay in bed listening to Norah Jones and trying to do breathing exercices. But I couldnt go to sleep so I just lay there for the whole night while my heart was racing. What freaked me out mostly was that the music seemed to drag on, and it was really, really detailed almost as if I was standing right next to Norah. Also, Mila Kunis' head was bobbing to the rhythym of my breathing... pretty weird. Basically I don't really know why I was so freaked out but I just couldnt relax, quite scary...

    So my question is, do I -

    a) never smoke weed again
    b) smoke very small amounts and work my way up
    c) smoke weed when drunk? :S

    Thanks :)

    Basically I really want to experience the feeling of what being high is supposed to feel like to most people - just wondering if I should give up though.
  2. haha -- so why do you smoke weed?

    Leave it alone! :D

    it's not mandatory
  3. Don't smoke weed while drunk, you'll get cross faded and if you have paranoia problems it will be worse. Just smoke small amounts bro
  4. Okay I'll try small amounts and if it really sucks still I'll just stop ^.^

  5. Choice A. Can you explain to us -- and more importantly to yourself -- why you want to smoke weed if you only have negative experiences with it?
  6. "Basically I really want to experience the feeling of what being high is supposed to feel like to most people - just wondering if I should give up though."
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    Looks like you're just smoking to try to be cool... if you don't enjoy the high then don't do it... I've never had a bad experience from smoking bud. It relaxes me, puts me in a good mood, makes me hungry, motivates me to do things........ panicking is one of the worst feelings... if smoking weed did that to me... i might keep trying a few more times but if it kept doing that I would just give it up.

    There is no way "being high is supposed to feel" like you said. Everyone is in different bodies, and experiences things differently. It can go from one spectrum to the other.... some people actually trip/hallucinate off bud.... some people get lazy... some get energy.... some have a good time... some a bad time....

    What makes you get scared from being high? It's never killed anyone... it can make your heart beat faster when yo're a rookie. It's nothing to worry about.

    When I was a kid, a "bad high" from weed was unheard of. But then again, if you showed any sign of weakness back then, everyone would pounce on you. Now days everyone is weak.
  8. I'm going to have to agree with Choice B and just advise you to smoke smaller amounts. At first, you're going to get completely stoned super quick. As time goes by, aslong as you keep smoking, your tolerance will increase and it'll take more for you to get high, but it's good because you'll actually be able to handle your high and decide whether or not you'd like to smoke more. Good luck, OP!
  9. If your a lightweight just take a puff or two & wait a min to see how you feel . Don't get cross faded if you can't even handle being under the influence of one thing. Remind yourself its just weed & watch tv , play games , go outside ,etc :gone:
  10. You have to be in a good mindset. You can kill that paranoia by just trying to enjoy the high. Set a fun environment abs relax. Buy a one hitter for a few bucks hit it once or twice then wait.
  11. Yea, don't smoke as much. The high is too intense and it's obviously freaking you out. You have to learn to let that stuff go and not give a fuck. I've been struggling with anxiety for a while and I've had a few shitty highs because the weed would intensify my anxiety on those occasions. I've also had plenty of amazing highs, so I know where the problem is and I know it's just bullshit mind games.
  12. Dont smoke as much but smoke more often to get used to the feeeling. Once you give in to it you really enjoy the high rather then be paranoid and axnious
  13. Awesome, thanks everyone! All really helpful. I'll try and let myself go then :)
    I'll let you guys know how it goes
  14. I have not even red your story I just quickly glanced at it but already I know where you have went wrong....

    1) you smoked to much to quick.

    2) you smoked the wrong strain for your environment I am guessing this was a sativa so being alone when smoking these strains is not normally a good idea especially if you are a novice they are best used outdoors with friends and generally whilst being active not good for relaxing in general you want an indica strain for relaxing alone at night.

    3) your frame of mind at the time, you may of had some negative stuff going on in your life and the weed made your understand the error of your ways this insight is a good thing do not be scared of it but if it is brought on to quick a lot of users experience a uneasy feeling which is then often confused with paranoia.

    The solution to your problem is do not smoke to much to quick find a strain that is best for night time smoking an indica dominant strain such as blueberry, cheese, kush, white rhino etc would be best try putting some in a joint and just take a toke or 2 and slowly work your way through the joint having tokes every 30-45 mins.

    When you smoke make sure your house is in order this means make sure your life is order, family/financial/social/health/life problems, tackle these problems head on and let the weed help you understand your life better this may sound complicated but one day it will become clear.

    As for mixing weed with drink because you think the calming feeling drink can give you will balance out the paranoia this is a bad idea you will only drink more if you feel to stoned then smoke more then drink more, feel like shit in the morning and quite frankly your just defeating the object of smoking mixing it with drink, when you smoke you are chilled and happy you wake up the next day fresh and clear headed but when you drink you are aggressive and stupid and wake up the next morning ill, do one or the other.

    Keep smoking and dont worry just relax you aint going to die, hope this helps! :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  15. Dude, if you've tried weed six times and you had a bad time with it each time, you should just leave it alone... You're risking arrest acquiring it and having a horrible time smoking it but you want to keep doing it until you get it right? lol

    Find another thrill.

    How will you feel if you happen to get busted with it next time? Pretty stupid I think.
  16. Just take 1 hit if it's good weed. You can always take another one if you aren't high enough lol. 1 shouldn't be enough to make you panic. Also try planning something to do before smoking like getting a movie loaded up.

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