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  1. I started off with fox farm planting mix and they are doing really well but I'm ready to start the flowering in another week or two. SO, can i add my blooming nutrients to the planting mix a bit after switching time schedule or is it a necessity to to repot into a completely bland soil before adding flowering nutrients? there is a pretty decent level of nitrogen in the current mix so i don't know if it will cause burn or have a bad reaction in the plant or something. please help if you know whats up. i want my medicine to be tasty lol
  2. I use liquid nutes. If you aqre using solids, yeah mix them in now so the plant can use them during flowering, is my best guess, but like I said I stay with liquids and concentrates.
  3. Imo : Transplant first,switch light cycle to 12/12 give em a week and then add blooming nutrients.
    Switching light cycle sometimes causes stress to the plants so let em rest for a while.
  4. Well only transplant if you need bigger pots do not transplant just for feeding. Just feed with something low or with nothing on the n side....
  5. i use liqiud fox farm as well, but i would think to have your flowering nutes already mixed in the soil when you transplant. good luck. any pics?
  6. no need to transplant unless rootbound or change brands just go and get fox farm big bloom or tigerbloom but the two work best together and give your plants a good flush to help rinse the nitro and slowly change your 18-6 to 12-12 and your plants wont even notice the diffrence and not stress out and go right in to bloom and these ferts will carry you through! greatest grows to ya :D
  7. Plants needs Nitrogen too on flowering stage,dont flush them

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