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  1. i germinated two seeds of unknown strain and planted them, one in a plastic party cup and one in a small pot. theve been sprouted for around a week now and look ok but not great, i can tell they need more light as the two bulbs i have right now arent as high wattage as needed. the baby plants appear kind of stretched out which means they need more light correct? heres some pics of my ghetto setup which is comprised mostly of stuff from around the house.. ive ordered a light system but untill then ill need some tips on helping these little guys survive. any advice well help a ton thanks. heres a few pics of the setup and the plants.

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  2. You need to get your hands on some Compact Fluorescent Lights - I don't think the lights you have will work...
  3. alright will do. can i get those at the local hardware store.. all we have is a true value here. since i live in the middle of nowhere.
  4. Yeah, you need some "CFL" lights. 6500K color temp. for veg. and 2100K for the blooming..
    Look around for the bulbs that have the most wattage and lumins.. If your only doing two plants I would go with around two light per plant untill they get bigger and then I would double up on the lights or even tripple.. CFL's dont have to much power to them so more is better.. One good thing about CFL's is that they dont produce much heat and you can drop em in close to the plants without burnning em..
  5. Look online for some Compact flourecent lights.Like Ebay or something.. Im sure you will find something... We can get cfl's here in the US at most any store.... Just browse around and check out the coler temp's and the lumins.. The more watts and lumins the better..
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    Throw those away

    Educate yourself (read all the sticky's and browse a lot of journals-at a minimum)

    BUILD BOTH GROW ENVIRONMENTS (and troubleshoot them till they are stable)

    germinate a seed

    -stretching means the lights are too far away but that's irrelevant if the light is useless to begin with.

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