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    I've been trying to grow indoors. I usually prefer outdoors but i hate waiting till spring. Gardening is my When my seedling gets past its true leaves and tried to bring forth the next set of leaves,it drastically slows down at this point, and turns yellow till it wilts, and withers away. It also has greyish spots. Can you tell me what might be wrong with it? It's under 5 24 watt cfls. The potting soil is "garden time potting soil mix". it has peat moss, coir, vermiculite, bloodmeal, bone meal, kelp meal, cottonseed meal, alfalfa meal, and worm castings. my lights are on 18 hours. the seeds are good genetics; the buds were REALLY good so i brought these seeds back from mexico. They are not photoperiod strains, they are reggie seeds, so they are more resilient than a chronic strain. Can you tell me what might be wrong? i think this little plant is only one week old. I do have a small budget because i'm not working. I was hoping i could get a little cash on this grow to get batter materials, and to FINALLY seedling revised.jpg setup1.jpg smoke this bud again. Please and thank you friends
    Check out the discoloration  spots1.jpg

  2. What has worked for me with seedlings.
    Start in a small container like a solo cup and transfer after 2 weeks.

    start out with wayy less light. Like maybe 1 or 2 of those cfls kept close. Start using all 5 after you transfer to the big pot.

    Whats your humidity like? I kept ziplock bags over my seedling container for the first week. You wont need to water for almost a whole week if your humidity is high.

    Hope some of this helps
  3. I dont know the ph man, When I grew outdoors I always just used the same water and it turned out fine. I stress that this isnt a photoperiod strain because i know photoperiod strains (chronic and kush) are sensitive to temperature to heat and humidity. This is cannabis ruderalis. It autoflowers and is very tolerant to weather and some misfortune. But my ideal in starting it in the pot I want it to be mature in is that the roots will never feel constricted. I would hate if the roots reached even one wall of the cup, and the plant starts to think it will be restricted, so it uses its energy in something else. In my head, a marijuana plant wants to stretch its roots out, which is what every plant dreams of. It dreams about this as the sun sets, or as the light goes out and the plant goes to sleep. To be able to just grow downward infinately into the earth, you know? But we've eliminated that, and stuck them in pots, haha. so that's why i prefer to put them in big pots. I guess to prolong as much as I can, the binding of roots.
  4. I'm not a expert but I would say it probably has something to do with the soil being to hot or the ph of your soil. I start my seedlings under 600 watt metal halides and never have a problem so I doubt it's your lighting unless temps are to high and the lights are to close. Do you use that soil when you grow out doors? If not that is probably the problem I could be wrong though
  5. The benefits of starting you seedling in a small container are that you have much, much more control over the environment while it is just starting out.  I can understand you not wanting to have your plant rootbound in a tiny pot, but you can easily prevent that from happening by keeping an eye on it.
    The problems with starting in a large container is that it is very difficult to control the watering and if your plant isn't going well, it's hard to make changes.  When you water it, all the stuff from the surrounding soil leeches into the wetness and you get a buildup when it dries out, or you make the soil to wet and it rots the roots before it dries out enough.
    In any case, your plant will find the edges of that container sooner than you think, if it lives long enough.
    The soil you describe sounds very rich and good quality, which may be a bit like feeding caviare and smoked salmon to a baby, if you get my meaning.  You start out with rusk biscuits and apple sauce, and the heavier stuff comes a little later when they have the stomach for it.
    It looks like the small plant is having trouble with the soil irritating its roots, so it can't absorb the nutrients it needs to function properly.  You can't flush it  because the pot is too big.  Maybe if you leave it a few days it will recover from the experience, or not.  Transplanting it would be a risky move, but not totally foolish if there was something appropriate to move it to.
  6. It's starting to make more sense man, that the big container does hold the water longer, so maybe the roots do have a fungus and thats the discoloration on the leaves. I'll mes with it. If it dies i'll check the roots, sprout a new seed and keep it in a solo cup. Hopefully it grows as quick as it should. quicker than chronic anyway

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