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Help With My Paranoia

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by allsop207, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. Ok, so last night my friend Brad came over. We had some bud and we smoked a joint outside my house, but my mom walked outside on the porch and called my name. She didnt see us because we were behind a brick wall beside our basement, but we dropped the joint and went up there. We told her that we were talking to Brads girlfriend, and I dont know if she quite believed us. Anyway, I was super paranoid for the rest of the night and even after I went to bed. I couldnt sleep at all and it really killed my high!:rolleyes: My parents seem cool now, but I couldve sworn to god that they knew I was uber baked that night. I was just waiting to get "the talk" again! What I am asking is, how do you guys deal with paranoia, and how can I prevent it all together?
  2. I used to get seriously paranoid, but now I have a lock on my door and my paranoia is completely gone.
  3. Sorry to say i can't exactly relate to your problem :(
    I've been smoking with my mom since i was 13, so i never had to hide anything.. (unless i didn't want her to smoke up my stash)
    Why don't you just toke at your buddies house from now on or something?
    Or as mentioned get a lock on your door, put a towel down, maybe light a candle?
    and Voila!
  4. yea yea get a lock or some shit

    neway hey maryjane :poke:
  5. I avoid smoking at my house all together. When I was 13 my dad gave me the drug talk and said he would break all my fingers if he ever caught me smoking weed. So I wouldnt be able to flick a lighter or hold a joint. We both laughed when he said that but he was serious.
  6. Hello there, :] how's it going?
  7. i have my own aprt. so i can't really relate to this at the moment.

    Try going for a walk or blazin when mom and pops go to work or whatever they do during the day. Also, try using a spoof to mask the sent.

    I case you have no idea what a spoof is, it is a paper towel or toilet paper roll with like 3 4 bownty dryer sheets taped or rubberbanded to one end and you exhale the smoke through the open hole. Also, shove a few down the tube for a better effect. Loosing the sent of MJ could ease your paranoia.

    Also, there is no such thing as the boogeyman. And saying 'Biggie Smalls' in the bathroom mirror 3 times will not cause him to come back from the dead and try to shoot you.
  8. i get paranoid about when i have to move things around. Like if i wanna use my moms smoke eliminating air stuff and i put it down funny i could spend 5 mins trying to get it right. Stuff like that but try putting all your supplies away early and wait until you know everyone is gunna be away for a half hour or so. Just dont run outside while your moms poopin to smoke a j

  9. im yahoo?
  10. never do it at home brah

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