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    So I believe my plant is suffering from some sort of nutrient burn/deficiency but Im not quite sure what. Ive looked at the stickies and believe it is Mg or Ca deficiency. My plant is in its 4 week of veg and I am about to throw it into flowering but I would like to solve the problem before I do so. The old leaves are turning yellowish and have brown spots and are very crispy to the touch. Any help is much appreciated, thanks! My ph is 6-6.5 and I have been adding a little bit of nutrients. Maybe I added to much nutes and burned them but im not sure. Help please!!!!!

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  2. hi what nutes did u add & how much? im not to sure that its nute burn but could be
  3. Sorry for the late reply but the nutes are Earth Grow and I put it in maybe twice a week but small amounts. I trimmed the sick leaves off but now the bottom leaves are turning yellow.

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