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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by calikevin87, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Not all the phantom boards are alternating K range. You have to request them like that.
    Sun Board 240
    They come in 5k, 4k, 3500k, and a 2700k/5k mix.

    The current range for the sunboards is about the same as the qb132's. I think they could handle an HLG320h-c2100a for 4 boards in series since there's so many diodes. The 4 x qb132's would need to be slightly dimmed on that driver. The sunboards are 36 volts. Sunboards are rated for 100 watts each and qb132's are 75.

    Both boards would run fairly well on the 240h-c2100a but wouldn't get max wattage.
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    I think I'm going with two boards, I would get the SunBoards but they are out of stock of the 3500K, so I think I'll grab a couple Wavy Boards. What driver would you recommend to be able to run them at max wattage?

    I'm also really considering getting a 3x3 tent instead of a 2x4, just to give the plant a little more spreading room, and this would give me clearance for 4 of the Fantom Boards... But would I need 4 or would 2 still suffice?

    EDIT: I just measured again, I do not have the space in the attic for a 3'x3'x6'11". I could do a 2'x4'x6'11, or a 3'x3'x4'11" Gorilla Grow Shorty, and I could use the extension kit up to 5'8".

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  3. All I know is look at what will fit in 5 feet. Your pot for the plant is going to be close to 12" tall. The distance to the light will vary from 18"-24". The distance the light will be off the top of the tent is a good 6" at least. 12" + 24" + 6" = 3ft 6in. That only leaves 18" left for plant height in a 5ft tall tent. If 18" will work for you then okay but I think you'll want a little more then that. I've never got good yield from plants that short but I'm sure it can be done. My plants are near 4ft tall or more. Every time I've pushed my veg plants larger before flower it has increased my yield.

    You have to figure that the 240 sunboard is a little less capacity then the qb288. It's going to take at least two 240 sunboards to fill a 2x4. With a 3x3 I may even go up to 3 boards. That's only 300 watts. Many hps growers will use a 600 watt hps in a 3x3. Running half that power with quality led should be about right. Much less then 250 watts and you'll be lacking a little light for flower.

    I'm not experienced with the wavy boards. I've only seen the links for the phantom boards. I've never seen one in person. They're built with the same leds as hlg so they shouldn't be inferior in any way. The best driver for 3 phantom boards if the wavy's are the same capacity as the 240 would probably be the HLG320h-c2100a. That would be capable of running 3 boards at 100 watts each. The step down which is the HLG240h series would only be able to run about 260 watts to the boards max. The 320 would be capable of delivering too much and would have to be dimmed a little so you don't over amp them most likely. It's a little over capacity but has built in dimmers so that shouldn't be a problem. Meanwell really should make a driver that is in between the 240h and the 320 like a 285h but they don't.

    That makes the LRS 350-36 pretty attractive since it will run 3 boards at a full 100 watts each in parallel. The only drawback is no really good dimming function. I always run mine at max anyway and just raise the lights if the plant wants less intensity. The phantom boards are 36 volts in parallel a board will only draw what it needs. It's better to slightly oversize the power supply so it isn't running at max. It will run much cooler. I don't know why the trend with the HLG series drivers is the buy one that matches the max output of your leds so you can run the driver maxed out all the time?
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    Thank you. I'll probably end up doing 3 lights in the 4'x2'x6'11", the Shorty goes up to 5'8" which would give me 26" inches, whereas a 6'11" tent will give me 41" which would be an inch shy of 4 feet of space to let the plant grow. Right now I'm looking at 3 WaVy boards and an HLG320h-c2100a. I think getting 4 of them would be a little overkill for what I'm trying to do right now, but who knows I may order another in the future if they keep them in stock.

    I lied. I pulled the trigger on 4 of the WaVy boards. Now I just need to settle on everything else and I'll be good to go. I'm assuming since they are 100W lights and I have four of them I now need to move up to a higher wattage driver, correct? Something 400W or more? This one?
    If you have a better recommendation let me know
  5. I would probably stick with the 320. It will run them up pretty high. You could do the 480. It's like 50% more expensive. That's what HLG uses for the 515 watt HLG550 but that is with 288 boards. It's within specs for your boards but so spendy compared to a pack of qb132's and a meanwell LRS-350-36.

    The 480 is going to be much more power then a 3x3 needs.
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    I did notice the price jump with the 480. If you think a 320 will be sufficient I'll probably stick with that, I just looked at the LRS-350-36 and that is a very tempting price. How hard is it to raise the lights when you need to?

    I may not even use all 4 lights right away, I just wanted to make sure I had it if I needed it. I'm thinking of getting a 3'x3'x4'11 Gorilla Shorty with a 2' extension add-on to raise it as high as I'm able to. It will raise the cost a little bit but will give me flexibility I need in the attic and space for the plant to spread.

    I think I mainly went with the Fantom boards because of the amount of LEDs vs the QB132s and the fact they still don't need a heatsink, for an average of $16.50 more per board... seemed worth it to me to try it out.
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  7. If you're not going above 2x4 or 3x3 with that short of an area I think that the 480 would be a waste of power. It would be too much power for the space. Those put out a little over 500 watts. I'm running a little over 500 in a 4x4x80" area. These are efficient leds. You only need about 30-35 watts per square for flower.

    At 35 watts per square you only need a little over 300 in a 3x3.
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  8. If you use a 9" trout leader for a hanger attached to a threaded chain link, then to a ratcheting strap you can get them about 8" or so from the top of the tent. You can remove the strap and string tie the hangers from the top tent pole to get a few more inches of headroom. You don't have to build a frame.

    If you wall mount the driver and run a wire to each board you will only have the weight of the board to raise up and down. They're like a pound. Pretty easy to raise up and down. The ratcheting straps are only about $5 each when you buy two packs these days or cheaper. One on each board and you can run them at slightly different heights if you want or different distances apart. You can crowd one side if you have a young plant in there or spread them out. You can unplug one if you use a parallel driver to reduce the output when you have seedlings. I use a small driver for each board to able to unplug them one at a time.

    The LRS-75-36 is only $14. It is about perfect for a single board.

    I have a large plant I've vegged for a long time and most of the last two months it grew on only two boards instead of 4. I just unplugged two. 120 watts instead of 240.
  9. Okay so if I went with that LRS-75-36 I would want to buy one for each board, correct? And I wouldn't want something like LRS-100-36 since the WaVy Boards are 100w each?

    If you run one larger driver for all 4 lights, you can't unplug or disable any of the lights? I'm not sure that I'll want to do that but you never know.

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  10. I have that supply(s)..I run 2 132s in parallel for each supply and use Wago connectors (simple push, pin release) to make changing configs easy and fast..You can also use them as wire nuts to cap off a live wire end. That supply is perfect..I run 2 of the boards at 2.01 amps (2000Ma +) and all stays cool and quiet too. One supply should be ok for 4 boards as well.
    Amazon had a good pic, but cheaper on fleabay!
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    Just to clarify you're saying the LRS-75-36 is perfect for the 4 Fantom boards? I think they come with wago connectors already too but I could be wrong, been on so many different sites this past week

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  12. I said I am running 4x QB132s..I am considering the Phantoms and would begin by using 1 supply for a board..If I am comfortable, I would get a second and wire it into the same supply. I didn't see wagos with the phantoms, but I too could be wrong..I have about 30 left from another project..I think the 2 position ones were about $15 for 50..If I needed more, I would get the 3 position ones,,more options;)
  13. You could go with the LRS-100-36. When I linked the 75 I sort of had the 132's in mind. You're right the 100 would be better for the wavy boards. It would run them a little higher current. The 75-36 is rated for 2100mA so it's in the current range at 36 volts. The output current on the 100-36 is 2800mA so you would probably have to turn down the voltage pot a little to limit the current slightly.
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  14. You won't need any wagos. Don't put a splice in a circuit when it's not necessary. The driver has screw terminals for outputs and the board has push in connectors. You won't need wagos. In fact you don't need them for qb260 kits. I have no idea why they recommend putting a wago on the driver output and hooking that to a 20awg wire instead of just running the driver output directly to the board. It fits in the molex connectors.

    All you need is about 16 foot 18awg extension cord. Use male wall plug side for the input on the driver. Use the rest of the wire to run from the output of the driver to the boards. That's all you need besides hangers.
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  15. Is turning the voltage down on these fairly easy, or can you recommend another driver that wouldn't need altering?
  16. The 75-36 is 2100mA max so it should work fine and they're only a little over $14 each. Easy wall mount flange. The voltage pots are touchy but it will adjust up and down a little. You should have a voltage meter on it when you adjust it. They're touchy.

    That will be 300 watts between 4 boards. That should fill your 3x3 nicely and be cool running. You can unplug one or two boards for small plants.
  17. I’m in my first grow at the moment with the General Hydroponics Waterfarm, I️ love it.

    I️ have a single plant in a tall stealth cabinet grow. I️ could fit two more of those kits in the cabinet if I️ wanted to.

    Also thinking about buying just 1 more and a controller water tank in the middle to automate it a bit.

    Good luck!
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    I pulled this from the Fantom website-
    "At 18" below the board I'm getting 288 PAR uMols/m^2/sec at at 2.1a - 72.5w"

    Would that mean he was running them at 72.5w? If so, I think my best bet would be to go with the HLG-380-2100, which would give me 75w for each light without having to modify the driver, correct? That would be cheaper than getting 4 LRS-75-36s and easier to hook up, right?

    EDIT: I also pulled this from the WaVy Board page-
    "The Wago Solderless connectors work best with 18 or 20 gauge wire, we use a pair of needlenose pliers to help push the wire into the connectors."
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    I measured again and determined I have exactly 6'3" of headroom in the attic. I'm gonna go with a 3'x3'x4'11" Gorilla Shorty, and extend that to 5'11" using a 1 foot extension kit direct from Gorilla. The Gorilla Shorty comes with a 9 inch extension to make it 5'8", is it really worth $100 for another 2 inches?

    I'll be using 6 inch fans and ducting to help cut down on bulk inside the tent, and I'll keep the plant low and wide. I think this will work out great, and my cost is down about $500 from when I started. Now I just need to find the perfect driver for the 4 WaVy boards I ordered and I'll be all set to order everything else and get started. @Tbone Shuffle what do you think for 4 WaVy Boards, an HLG-380-2100 for all 4 or an LRS-75-36 for each light? The single driver would be more cost effective if I'm looking at them correctly?

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    I did it, everything is on the way, minus some ducts and perlite-

    Gorilla Shorty 3x3 - $292.99
    Photon Fantom WaVy Board 240 x4 - $200
    Woods 50015WD Digital Timer - $23.27
    Hanna Instruments HI 981504 pH, TDS & Temperature Monitor - $195.95
    Autopilot Desktop Co2 Monitor Data Logger - $79.99
    NewAir 320 CFM 3-Speed Portable Evaporative Cooler and Tower Fan for 100 sq. ft. - $75.99
    General Hydroponics Eco Complete Power Grower GH4830 - $95.60
    General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter Plugs - $14.14
    Canna Expandable Coco Coir Brick 40L Soil Growing Medium Substra RHP, 40 Liters - $24.92
    General Hydroponics Ph Control Kit - $11.54
    General Hydroponics Flora Series Performance Pack - $42.48
    Exhale CO2 Bag - $29.29
    House & Garden Roots Excelurator Root Stimulator - $28.97
    House & Garden Drip Clean 250mL - $16.50
    Phresh Intake Air Filter 6" x 12" - $74.99
    Apollo Horticulture 6" 390 CFM Inline Duct Fan with Built in Variable Speed x2 - $130.78
    Apollo Horticulture 6" Premium Carbon Charcoal Air Filter - $59.09
    12pcs Adjustable Yoyo Hanger - $24.94
    Total: $1,421.43

    Last piece I need is the driver for the lights, but I'm pretty sure I'm going with an HLG-380-2100a. I'm kind of waiting to see how many lights I'll actually be using in case I need to go with a lower wattage, though I'm fairly certain I'll just get he 380 and dial it down if I'm not using all 4. Think that will be fine?
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