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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by BAGZ, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. Hi i was planning on building a grow room that was 4x3x5 but now after measuring the closet its going in i only have about 42"x45"x5'.I am planning on having 2 chambers in the box. One for vegging and one for flowering.Im not sure what size light i should use i was looking at the 400w hps and mh but they seem alittle overkill for that area ..what do you think? (im getting an mh and hps). For ventilation im getting a dayton blower either 140cfm or 265cfm. With a passive intake.Heres what i need to know.

    1-how many plants will i be able to fit in a 42inchx45inchx5foot area?

    2-how big should i make the veg chamber and how big should i make the flowering chamber?

    3-is 400 watt hps for the flowering and 400watt mh for vegging overkill? if so what wattage
    should i use?

    4-Should i use the dayton 140cfm or 265 cfm or should i use something diffrent? also im making a carbon filter so i cant ise pc fans.
  2. wtf happened to overgrow .... its been like 3 days and still no response!!BUMP
  3. how big are your buckets? conceivably, you could probably get like 9 plants in there. depends on other factors besides your space though.

    you could do a "Vegging shelf" if you really wanted to. The most space should be devoted to your flowering room. vegging plants don't take up a whole lotta space

    I don't think 400W for the HPS is overkill, but the MH might be. With such limitted space, I would go a combination of a smaller MH and some good Flourex CFLs for your vegging area.

    I'm not a big fan of daytons. Get a Vortex brand inline fan - they are made by Atmosphere

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