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Discussion in 'General' started by _Badfish, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. yo, i have never done shrooms before and want to try them, i havnt yet because i am allergic to penicylan...does this allergy matter? and should i do shrooms?...thanks
  2. YES! YES YES YES YES YOU SHOULD! im pickin up 2 zips today! i can't wait! i loveeeee boomers.... take a full 1/8th your first trip, and go out into the woods with a few friends
    ull have the time of your life, 30 minutes after you finish eating your last mushrooms, smoke a bowl or 2, and bring your ipod and a flashlight if you plan on staying into the woods late... tips 1) dont drive on shrooms, 2) mushies usually take 30-90 minutes to go into effect, peaks last from like 1-4 hours, and ull have some after effects of like 1-3 hours.... so you need to dedicate like... a solid half day to taking booms... good luck, have fun, dont pay more than $40 an 1/8th!
  3. I think he was asking if he should as in would it screw with his allergys.

    I have no idea if it would or not but I would defently find out first and then do them :D

    ask your doctor
  4. how can i ask my docter though, would i be like 'can i eat mushrooms' lol, i dont know what i would say, would ANYONE on GC know about penicylan if i should take them, anyone else have the same allergie and took them?
  5. fuck, can anyone help with this problem?
  6. nobody can. probably not i don't know what the similarities are
  7. i think the only thing you can do in your case is buy a bag and eat like .3 of a g than wait a day. if you feel any adverse effects than sell your sack. if you dont than trip away!
  8. so if i do this, i should just look for like watery eyes, rash, stuffy nose and shit?
  9. ? am i not understanding this?... why would him being allergeric to what im assuming he meant is pennisilin..(Sp?) or did he just make a typo and did he really mean psyichibin(Sp also!?) im not seeing how that would effect his shroom trip at all if he was allergic to pennisilin.
  10. its the mildew effect. its a rumor ive heard of but have never seen proved
  11. yeah, i DID mean pennisilin, im not talking about the hallucinigetic substance in shrooms...but it connects because mushrooms are mould, and i BELIEVE that pennisilin is found in mould, im allergic to pennisilin...anyone else have any advice?
  12. lol, this post isnt doing to well, just if ANYONE has any information on the topic of allergies to penicillan when eating shrooms, PLEASE post!!!
  13. pennecilin(sp?) is mold, a cultured mold at that. mushrooms are not mold... they are fungus. there is no problem in eating the mushrooms

    id be more worried about moldy bread if i was you.
  14. does anyone else have any more info?
  15. OMG this thread needs help.

    PENICILLIN is an antibiotic.
    PSYLOCYBIN is a psychoactive found in north and south american mushrooms.

    I dont really think these have very much in common, so I dont think an allergy to penicillin would have anything to do with a psycoactive.
    If I were allergic to penicillin I would take mushrooms, although make your own decision cuz im not responsible it you die or somethin. :smoke:
  16. i know the difference between PSYLOCYBIN and PENICILLAN, but i have heard some people say there are amounts of PENICILLAN in shrooms, and some people say there isnt any PENICILLAN in them, so im just trying to see what most people think, thanks for the input though
  17. there isnt any in either.. ones a fungus the other is just colonized bacteria

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