help with lights please!!

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  1. hello i have recently made a micro grow dimensions 23"w X 23" d X 27" h, i have 4 23w cfl 6500k and 2 23w cfl 2700k at the moement, but it seems to get to hot with all 6 (about 30 degrees but 21-24 degrees with only 3), i havent starting growing yet my seeds are still germinating, but my question is how many lights could i run on just my seedling for now (1-3 seedlings) until i get new fans? 3 6500k and 1 2700k? or what? please help
  2. try taking one out at a time and check the temp in a few hrs and adjust from there. 30* however is way to COLD to be growing in. Sounds like you need some serious heat. :p
  3. no its 30 Celsius and about 83 Fer.
  4. do you have any cpu case fans? if so put one on top side blowing out and one on bottom drawing in opposite side.
  5. i have both an exhaust and an intake, will have to do tell i have different fans for now. i guess my question is could i grow 2-3 sappling on 3 bulbs? just until i change out my fans then ill go back to 6
  6. yeah i;d run 2 6500k and 1 2700k or all 3 6500k about 3 inches from tops of seedlings to prevent stretching.just raise light as needed, then switch to all bulbs as soon as possible
  7. thank you and last question, is 80 degrees to hot? or is it still reasonable temp?
  8. thats a reasonable daytime your humidity and keep air moving

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