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  1. Hi so this is going to my first grow and i was Going to probably get these lights, I was just wondering if these are the right ones, and how many of each should i get, I'm going to have 3 plants, in an area 4ft Tall by 7ft long by 3ft wide.


    [ame=] Feit Electric ESL40TN/D 42-Watt Compact Fluorescent High-Wattage Bulb, Daylight: Home Improvement[/ame]

    Light output: 2800 lumens
    - Energy used: 42W
    - Life: 8000 hrs.
    - Color temperature: 6500K
    - Electric charge: 610mA


    [ame=] Greenlux Saver #30907 - 26 Watt 2700K Warm White T3 Spiral CFL: Home Improvement[/ame]
  2. I wouldnt waste your time with those lights. Fluorescent T5 lamps are relatively cheap and will provide much better light.

    Whats the point of growing if you are only going to get a few grams? If you are going to do it, you might as well do it.
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    What exactly would i need to use those T5 tube Lights, Because i know how to use the regular ones and what they plug into. What else would i need for the lights?

    And if i were to use the CFLS how many of each of the ones i posted earlier would i need for the 3 plants.
  4. T5 are a type of fluorescent. They come in fixtures off all kind. 2ft long with 2-6 bulbs and 4ft long with 2-6 bulbs. They are on amazon or at ur local hydro store.

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