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  1. Yay first post. It's my first grow too and I have a few questions about hooking up my lights/ventilation.

    6in air-cooled hood and 6in flex ducting. They are both same size so I can't slide the ducting onto the vent to be clamped/taped. I figure I need a connecting piece so I go to home depot and pick up a flex duct connector.....same problem, won't fit inside ducting or vent. How exactly do I attach the ducting?

    I got my can filter and attached the flange with the included sheet metal screws. I want to mount the vortex fan to the filter but don't know how to secure it. There are no holes in the vortex to allow me to screw em together, and I'm not drilling holes. Do I just tape the hell out of it? I'll also be attaching a silencer to the fan.....and again how do I secure it? Sits nicely on top but I see no way to secure it. Not sure how to attach the ducting to muffler either.

    Simple questions but I looked and looked and couldn't find an answer. Please help.
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    your ducting should slide over your fan... you got the wrong size ducting would be my guess

    once your ducting slides over the fan you use clamps that are right next to the ducting and screw the clamps down to secure it

    hydro stores sell wider clams with vibration pads in them.. but their like eight bucks a piece...

    take your inline fan to home depot for a johnney on the spot trial and error and get some insulated ducting....
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    Figured out the problem and it wasn't the size of the ducting that was the issue. Problem was that I was a idiot.;) The ducting does indeed fit.....I had to work it a bit to get it on and it fits very snug. My first time working with any ducting so I was just unsure. Thanks for the help.

    My other issue is that I'm unsure of how to secure the filter/fan/muffler. Filter sits on the ground and the fan sits on top directly attached.....but its loose and not snug. Do I use a clamp/tape for that too? The muffler sits on top of the fan directly attached and isn't snug as well. What to do?
  4. No. It happens. If you build a muffler make a tutorial on how you do it. People love that stuff
  5. No DIY for me. Why do-it-yourself when you can buy-it-yourself?:D $85 bucks for a phresh muffler is steep for just sheet metal and acoustic foam, but its better than anything I can build.
  6. Hey guys, I need to iron out one last thing before my flower room goes operational tonight......What is the best way to secure the muffler/fan/filter? All three are direct connect, and they fit together but they are not snug at all. Seems like a simple clamp and tape will not give me the secure hold that I need. Anyone?
  7. ducting clamps...... found at lowes or home depot... duct tape.. the shiney stuff will work, but i would use clamps

    hydroponic stores sells really nice clamps
  8. Much appreciated. Flower tent is up and running.....thanks for the reassurance Tihspeed :)
  9. Np man. Love that feeling once it's up

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