!!! HELP with guerrila growing...in trees//general info !!!

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  1. I live in a suburb of a major city and i'm tired of paying for overpriced weed on top of the fact that everyone who deals isn't dealing anymore. So I'm gonna get some seeds from a friend but I've been think alot about how to actually grow the plants. The thing is, I CANNOT grow inside because i'm not in college yet, or out of college, so i have to stick to growing outside.

    My house is back in the woods, where no one can see but i have to grow away form my house and property. I'm planning on growing it about a mile and a 1/2 away from my house but the only problem is that the places where I could grow, although they are places where very few would probably ever go, still have a chance of being seen by someone. And this is where i started to get an insane, but good idea.

    I'm thinking about finding a good tree that I can climb and ill just grow the weed up there. I'm athletic (enough haha)/a good climber so i'd put it somewhere harder for people to reach. I know there are many things to worry about though like; Infared cameras (fuck the police), animals, bugs, maintenence, etc. but i feel like this would be the easiest way to not have them noticed by anyone.

    I'm only going to plant 2 or 3 seeds, and each in a different tree, and kinda spread out. So the main question I had was if infared cameras could pick up only one plant...? I read somewhere that the only reason why it shows up is because of a certain type of fertilizer that everyone uses but could I use something else? or is that completely false? I don't really know haha. I figure if that plants are in different trees, the pots are camoflaged so they match the tree, and if i put insect repellents and chicken wire around the plants i'd be fine? I dunno, I NEED ADVICE! Trying to find the best way to not ruin my life and get arrested.

    Thanks a ton
  2. no help watsoever? come now GC I need you! I'm planning on building the place/planting this shit this weekend!!
  3. Yes you could put the pots up in the trees.

    The infrared cameras cant see plants only the lights heat signal since its outside you wont have to worry about that. Also leo wont waste there time on searching out only a few plants they have bigger busts to find.
  4. I was thinking about putting my first grow in a pine tree but I found a good place on the ground, an my area's relatively secluded. Putting it in a tree is a good idea if you want to keep it away from ground people.... but in major cities I would think a lot of people/police keep an eye out for suspicious activity up in trees so watch out. Don't know where you live but I think its a five year prison sentence if caught growing. But see, I don't know your area so you have to make that decision yourself.
  5. I live outside of DC. in a forrested suburbs. Like not gonna like i'm really nervous about planting but im gonna do it. Probs going to go scouting for a good spot this weekend.
  6. google earth is your friend for finding spots :smoke:

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