Help with growing outdoors in British Columbia :) help appreciated

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  1. Alright guys I live in Coquitlam up in the mountains and behind my fenched in yard there is a path kind of think between the houses with nohting but trees, shrubs, plants, grass first it goes straight and then there is a ditch (im pretty sure no one goes down the ditched area) and im thinking of finding a leveld aread near the ditch and planting one or two plants there :)

    Now I am a total newb at this and need your advice here are my questions:

    1) Where/what kind of seeds should I get that are for outdoor use, and can grow in British Columbia (rainy most of the time, semi hot summers)
    2) What tools/ ingredients do I need? such as what kind of soil, fertilizers, etc....
    3)what are the steps to start planting these beautiful herbs? so far all i know is teh germination stage :)
    4) when is the best time to plant in B.C?
    5) The most confused I am is pretty much how to get going, what I need, how/when to plant the tree into the ground....
    6) if anyone lives near and wants to help me thatll be cool, I will share my buds once they grow with you of course :)

    so guys help a newb out that wants to grow outdoors in B.C.!

  2. also is it too late now to germinate and plant? or is it good still?
    im thinking of finding a spot this week, buying seed, and preparing the site all by next weekend.
  3. 1. Any outdoor seeds.
    4. Early may, but it's not too late.
  4. 2. Soil compost water.
    3. Look it up sorry too vast
  5. Sounds to me like you need a site first!! (Pretty sure) isnt sure enough.
    You may be a little late in the season to learn everything but im certain you would grow some kind of weed.

    Couple of ideas.
    1. Site get a good site pretty sure aint gonna cut it.
    2. Purple Power seeds were bred for wetter and colder weather. 10+5 free for 35 euro.
    3. Pots 12-15 liter should be sufficient.
    4. Soil try to get a soil with good drainage also if there are worms in it its good soil.
    5. Perlite get a bag at a local grow shop to mix with soil.
    6. Fertilizers. Do you have a Hydro shop in your area? If not go to your local garden store and anything like an N.P.K. of 20-20-20 will do fine tho you will want something weaker for flowering stage.

    Thats the basics anyway, keep reading as your going and you will learn a lot, im doin my first grow this year and im learning all the time.
    Best of Luck, Pog
  6. whats the average rate for seeds germinated to seed that are female?

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