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  1. I live on 12 acres, and I am wanting to set up a grow room in my 10ft x 10ft well house shed. The shed has a window and an electrical panel inside of it. I am an electrician by trade so anything that has to do with that will not be an issue. I live in an area that gets fairly warm in the spring and summer. I am in the process of setting up a new grow room. The room currently has fiberglass insulation and I plan on installing (additionally), a radiant barrier type of insulation to help keep the heat out. I first was considering installing a grow tent in the room, but after reading, figured that might be overkill and un-neccessary. I will however be installing a carbon filter exhaust duct and using portable fans in the room. I am also considering installing a 1000W MH light with the exhaust duct or should I use some other type of lighting.? I will only be growing about 2-4 plants on this first grow.
    Will I need to install a small air conditioner in the room to keep the temperature around 78F?
    What about CO2 or humidifier?
    Should I grow in soil or Hydroponic?
    I would like to keep it as simple as possible so go easy on me, I have never done this before.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated. This all a bit overwhelming.
  2. Ok. Go with 2 600w not 1 1000w. 600 is more Efficient and you will get great spread
  3. Soil growers say it’s easier, hydro growers say theirs is.... soil is more forgiving. I’m interested in moving to hempy buckets from soil
  4. Hey, sounds like a good plan. I might suggest different lighting tho. MH is good for veg, but not as good at flowering. Look into an HPS or maybe some LED's. I would suggest doing your homework on LED. Don't just buy a cheapo Amazon light. Plenty of good options out there. Quantum boards are popular right now. Also some nice COB setups out there. I built my own if you're into a DIY.

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  5. If you have high heat u can not manage co2 is good for that. It’s beyond my knowledge tho. If you want to get the best quality and size u can u need to monitor humidity, so a humidifier and dehumidifier u will probably need.
  7. Correct! Hps is around 2700. Mh 6500
  8. With qb now 4000k is acceptable for veg and 3000k for flowering. The qb288 v1 has 5000k for veg
  9. Nevermind that is what you said> to use HPS for flowering. sorry....
  10. I am an electrician by trade, so the lighting doesn't really concern me as much. Its the temp and humidity control that I am not really sure about. Since I am growing it in an outside shed, me fear is that in the winter it may get too hot in the room and If I introduce a/c, how that will affect the humidity level or lack of.
  11. I meant summer
  12. In the winter it won’t get hotter.. u will be venting hot air out with an exhaust. The humidity will drop in the winter tho. Now if u can make ur shelf completely weather proof u could 100% control the environment
  13. Lol! Ya ac would be good. Also maybe put ur exhaust on a timer or kick in at certain temp or a combo of both. They have systems that will watch environment and do what it needs. But u wouldn’t wanna be blowing ac out 24/7
  14. That could get $$$$
  15. The ac should have a t-stat, so It would just regulate the temp in the room.
  16. Yep. But summer temps, outside shed, 1000-1200w hps/mh. I foresee it running 24/7
  17. Unless maybe u put two tents in there to Corentine the heat in the tents and suck it straight out. And keep air cool inside shed. Leave a small vent open in tents to draw the air In
  18. but if u can use/afford co2 ur temps can get pretty high safely
  19. My setup runs all summer in a RV closet. Water-Cooled. If you live in a low humidity area you can use an evaporative cooler. I make em out of 5 gal buckets.

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