Help with Firefox and Memory.

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by Jamtastic, May 28, 2010.

  1. So, I did a few tweaks for my computer, that are susposed to free memory from programs faster, and it works a little, but not for firefox.

    Even after closing firefox, it still takes up my memory for a good portion of time(not super long in real-life, but super long in computer terms). Is there a way I can get it to release the memory it was using back into the free memory pool quicker or more efficently?

    I only have 1.5 gig of RAM (shitty computer, slowly buying band-aid parts that are worth it until I get enough for a real one), and right now I've got 20% free.

    Any ideas
  2. Use google chrome. as a pc tech, firefox sucks.

    its very bulky and slow.

    chrome is nice and light.
  3. I've got chrome, opera, and firefox. Both chrome and opera blow firefox away. I've been a long time firefox user, and like the customization that has yet reached other browsers. I have all three because I like to stay with firefox, but chrome is nice and light which can be great.

    Another problem I have is the stored passwords. I have to look for a way to transfer them all, and google's password manager sucks, because it doesn't exist.
  4. Also, run a program called "CCleaner" every week or so.
  5. K-Meleon + FreeRAM + Flashblock = [​IMG]

  6. Yea, I've got that. Along with comodo and winutilities, the three always find something different, so I run one after another to make sure I don't miss anything.
  7. Try this.

    Go to run>msconfig>startup tab.

    You can disable everything if you'd like. It will still load all your drivers, but it keeps a lot of the bullshit from starting up everytime you start your pc.

    I'd recommend keeping your anti-virus on your startup, however.

  8. Even on 1.5 Gig of Memory, Firefox should run fine...are you sure it isn't anything else? Also when running Flash, it tends to be a memory hog.
  9. firefox generally takes a bit of memory in general
  10. It's all those damn addons. It starts out small but before you know it you have 20+ addons and startup lasts for over a minute.

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