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  1. I attempted to fimm my plant on monday night, I thought I did it right but it seems like the growth I cut is still growing and there are no new shoots. Should I be more patient or what? Here are a couple pics. The first one was taken on tuesday night and the second just a few minutes ago. I have topped with success just wanted to see how fimming works, should I just cut it again?

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  2. not a big problem, simple solution. if you can cut it again (reasonably, no need to try to do microscopic surgery) then do it. if you can't see the internode yet and get a clean cut then wait 'til it grows out a little and then cut it. your plant will be totally fine, don't worry!

    lookin' good!
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    cut there whenever you think you can reasonably do it without damaging anything else accidentally. Use a clean razor.

    if you look at the pic there's a little red line where you're supposed to cut.

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  4. nice, I appreciate the advice.
  5. If you want to fim, don't cut where bouldernugs said to cut. That cut is known as topping. They are different.

    You actually fimmed correctly. What happens when you fim is that your top node stops growing for a short time. Maybe a few days. In this time energy that would have been used to grow the top node is directed to the side branches. After a few days the top node starts growing again.

    Topping actually removes your top node therefore making your next to side branches your new main colas.

    If you want to top your plant, cut where bouldernugs said to cut. If you want to fim your plant, wait for your next leaf set on your top node and do exactly what you did before.

    Good luck
  6. One more thing. I noticed in your second pick that your rockwool is exposed. If I were you, I would cover it with some more hydroton. Exposed rockwool can lead to sever problems in the near future.

    Good luck.

  7. Thanks man, I wasnt sure if I should bury it. time to add more hydroton.
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