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  1. Hi GC!
    I have a problem with one of my plants, its leaves are changing in colours and slowly dying (please see below screenshots). It is 24 days in its flowering period, in my growing tent the heat is approx. 25-26 degrees celcius (= 77-78.8 degrees fahrenheit) and the humidity is around 40%.
    I tried flushing the soil when I first saw it, and afterwards carefully add some nuts to its daily watering.
    Here are some pics of the plant in question:

    I also had a bigger plant standing next to the damaged plant. Is it possible that this "disease" could have spread to the other plant through the air circulation? Some of the other plants have direct contact with the damaged one, could it spread through direct contact?
    One of the plant standing next to the damaged:
    First time growing, any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :)


  2. "Don't" give a plant nutes everyday.
  3. this.
    and no, deficiencies cannot be transferred between plants unless they're in the same pot/planter
  4. Looks like mosaic virus to me

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