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  1. is it poss. to use rockwool cubes in a ebb and flow? and if so how should i go about setting it up? can they just sit in the tray or do they need something under them? i have been growing in pots with soil but have picked up a 3x3 with a 40 gal res. i was thinking i could use 4 or 6 inch cubes but the guy at the store told me not many people do it that way. but at the same time he didnt have any usefull suggestions for me either. so i thought of this place and have spent a little time here and have noticed some really know tier shit. anyway ionly purchased the tray and res. i am open to sugg. and would like to know what has worked for you...
    thank you

    also i need to pick what i'm going to use for nutes, any suggestions there would be very helpfull also... so many choices
    thanks again
  2. i got the same setup and would like a lil info on this to please nutes etc :confused:
  3. i havent got mine running yet. do i need a mat or large block to sit under the cubes? as far as nutes go i have been trying to come up with something organic but that is proving hard. at least for this ebb and flow deal.not sure what to use yet. have you grown out any crops yet?
  4. theres a movie out there called I GROW CHRONIC where he uses rockwool cubes in an ebb and flow system. Been a while since I checked it out but I think he just buried the rockwool and roots in those volcano rocks. I dont know check it out I think its on P2P
  5. fill your tray with clay pebbles and bury the rock wool in them with your plants. feed them and they should be dam happy.

    this is the set up i will be going with after my current grow. :hello:
  6. when i got my system i got bottles called extra edge brand name 1bottle growth and blossom and micro and the formula now are these usible or go with a better brand for my ebb n flow thanks for the help
  7. am not sure of them nutes but i will be using biobizz grow and bloom with my setup.

    bene using Plagron nutes in my soil grow so dont have much knowledge to share with nutes but make sure they dont deslove inthe water as the plagron stuff has to be used within 24hrs of mixing so not suitable for hydro
  8. thanks guy and gals this is all good stuff. i will be looking for that movie and i'll have to look into the clay pebbles. is it very important to keep likght from the roots? i know this sounds like an odvious question but i have always grown in pots. has anyone tried organic nutes in an ebb and flow?:smoking::smoking:
  9. you muxt keep light away from the roots to stop algae growth which slows plant growth badly

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