help with dwc/drip watering sched

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by kevin8017, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. I currently have a dec/drip hydro setup which is a 30 gal res and have netted pots with hydroton (the plants are started in rockwool and when rooted the rockwool is placed in the hydroton) suspended from the lid. I have two powerful air pumps with 8" disk airstones in the water running 24/7. I also have a submerged pump that currently waters top down and drips back into the res for 30 minutes every 3 Hrs.the temps run around 74-85 depending on the season. I have successfully harvested two crops doing the scog method twice before with this method, but when I look up watering times for hydroton it varies greatly. Some say to water continuously, some say every 2-33water hours. While I believe continuously would be too much as I understand plants love to detour somewhat inbetween watering and we'll im at every 3 hours and the plants seem quite healthy (leaves raised and growing rapidly) although when I look at my roots (I have a small door opening for access) the ones protruding from the bottom of the netted pot look pretty dry, but the rockwool on top still has moisture, two of the plants have shot their roots down and already in the water( which is my intention). these two are growing the fastest of course. Also my roots gave a tan hinge to them and all my crops have been with no negative effects. My question is ; does my setup sound adequate? Am I watering enough? Because the small roots poking out if the hydroton seems pretty dry near the 3 hr mark and maybe just getting air pruned? but plants seem healthy but im always too weary of over watering and killing them all. I just want the get possible growth as we all do. Maybe I should time the watering and as soon as it gets watered turn it completely off and see how long it takes the plants to show signs of needing water??? Or since the plants seem healthy should i just let them be?Im just mind ****** lol. I would greatly appreciate any comments or help out there.

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