Help with deficiency spots

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  1. Hi guys,
    I am at my first grow, and my babies are showing deficiency spots an curv on the leafs edge,as you can see from pic.
    The third pic, is the one who started 3 days ago, then one more, and now the bigger one on pic 2, is getting yellow on one spot, and leafs are curving as well.

    Here the ebtire setup:
    In a closet 38"x20"x50"H.

    8 pots with coco and perlite are about 1,7gal (planning to flower at 20" for a sog)

    Using GHE go box at half strengt, plus Sensi Cal Mag xtra full dose with osmotic water. (should i double up the cal mag?)

    Lights are two LED boards 3500k here the description link.
    SYSTEM250 ZEUS 308 COMPACT KIT 3500K - CC Modul

    Temp is 27°c
    Humidity about 50%
    6 days now since cotyledons appeared.

    Someone told me it is nute burn, since it would be a pain to flush now, if i go with less nutes from the next fertigation (considering the early grow and the fact that i let runoff 10/20% everytime), would be ok?
    Or flush is mandatory?

    Please help asap to understand if is serious, thank you all! IMG_20190801_121707.jpg IMG_20190801_121732.jpg IMG_20190801_121722.jpg

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