Help with Cotton Candy Autoflower Harvest

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  1. I am right in the time where I always find myself should I or shouldnt I harvest... especially my colour blindness plays a factor I have provided some pics of my girls I think I am ready but would feel a lot better hearing from more experienced growers. They are currently in 7th week of flower which seems early but they look like they are good to go. Thank you in advance for your expertise. Also I am growing outdoors in British Columbia and they are autoflowering cotton candy. My other two giants havnt even started to flower yet (which is causing me to start worrying) vegging out at almost 6 ft tall. I am worried that these (sour jacks) will be flowering and finishing in the early part of the rainy season which starts around early mid Oct. Thank you. REV_3565.JPG REV_3557.JPG REV_3562.JPG REV_3550.JPG REV_3565.JPG REV_3557.JPG REV_3562.JPG REV_3550.JPG

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  2. Nice!
    Do you have a jewlers Loupe? I like to harvest when the Trichomes are 50/50 Milky and Amber. Another week maybe two. You are close.
  3. Thats what I was thinking... thank you and yes my blind ass eyes need a strong lense to see in close. Do you think regarding my other two plants to block the light around 7pm will force the flowering?
  4. Man I'been advising guys to harvest by the tric color for years

    never once had I considered the poor color blind grower


    maybe post a thread for other color blind growers please

    when you get some time

    thanks in advance
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  5. Do you think regarding my other two plants to block the light around 7pm will force the flowering?

    Yes, either wrap in light proof plastic tarp, or drag that babe inside

    but dude

    just one plant per pot

    good luck
  6. I
    i know brother I was short on pots and when I planted them they looked so small in the pot lol I will not make that mistake again... still there is a ton of bud with this so called lolipop method. I am impressed since I had not high hopes for the cotton candy
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