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Help with Coconut Oil decarboxylating

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by, Nov 10, 2017.

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    Hi, I followed the wellness soldier's recipe here:

    - 7G's coarsely ground herb, directly into 1 cup oil.
    - baked in OVEN at 220F for 6 hours
    - strained through cheese cloth.

    Afterwards, i tried 2 tea-spoons in a cup of tea, after 2 - even 3 hours, i felt very little affect. I suppose this is the result of not doing a decarb'ing step? although i was informed it would decard during the oven phase.

    My question: is it now possible to decarb my oil further - for example by double boiling it? or baking it into a brownie recipe? CAN WE SAVE MY PRECIOUS OIL ? :)

    Thanks guys
  2. If it was don in the oven then you could have over decarbed the weed and ruined it. You need to use a double boiler on a stove top and watch it like a hawk if you're using oil.

    You can also get a magic butter.
    You should be decarbing your weed in the oven BEFORE putting the oil in it. Afterwords, put the oil on and crush it up. It doesnt need a double boiler this way.
    Strain it out after its well mixed and you're done. Use it in brownies. If you're only using 7grams, just leave the material in if you're making brownies. It wont hurt and its just extra plant protein.

    Decarbing weed directly in the oil needs to be watched. Ovens can make the oil get too hot even on the correct setting and destroy weed.
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    Yes it was done in an oven at 220F for 6 hours. Herb was placed directly in oil during whole time. The oven is brand new and very consistent.

    Is it possible to make my current oil more psychoactive/potent? should i bake it into brownies or try to heat it further?
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    To much oil and not near enough weed.
    1 to 1 ratio. A cup of weed to a cup of oil when working with weed.
    Decarb all material you intend to eat FIRST as once it's submerged in oil it doesn't decarb worth a damn before it's all degraded to sleepy CBN.
    Decarb 240 F for 40 minutes
    5 grams weed-hash-BHO-ABV-
    2.5 teaspoons Cooking oil ( Coconut is the best as it's got no taste of it's own)
    .5 teaspoon lecithin
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    This is my mix and it's deadly, scary, potent and will have you holding on as the planet tries to throw you off.
    The fix for your current batch would be to add a full ounce of decarbed bud to that cup of oil and heat 220 F for about 1 hour. Freeze, Reheat and call it done.
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  5. You are the victim of one of the thousands of inefficient recipes on the internet.
    It's impossible to know without testing what happened to the thc.
    Most of it might be in the strained out sludge, or over-decarbed into cbn, or under-decarbed.
    If it were mine, I'd mix the sludge back in, and then bake brownies or muffins with it.
    Careful, 7 g herb might contain 0.15*7000 mg = 1050 mg thc total for optimal decarb.

    In the future, just decarb the herb, grind to powder, and add to the oil of any recipe. Making oil/butter first is wasteful, but produces less herb taste.
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  6. Thanks for the responses. Going to make it into brownies right now.
  7. Dubiously assuming optimal decarb, divide 1050 mg thc by the number of servings to get thc per brownie. The answer might be much greater than the actual thc if decarb wasn't accurate.
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  8. So you're telling me there's a chance? (so what you saying is these brownies might be psychoactively powerful?)
  9. Although probably inefficient, the recipe you followed isn't worthless.
    Evidently it got someone high, or it wouldn't have been posted.
    I'd say at least half the thc remains, but much of it's in the strained out sludge.
    If you eat enough, I'll be surprised if you don't get high.
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  10. As Brass said, it's a bit dilute but as bkarnaze mentioned, if you eat enough you'll feel it. Ordinarily the standard cannabis to oil ratio is one ounce of pot to 1 cup of oil. As the calculations below show, it should still do the job. Here's the deal and hopefully it makes sense to you.

    Using bkarneze's example of 15% cannabinoids, we know that with 7g you will have 1050mg available. Forget that number because you aren't going to be able to retrieve it all because of absorption by the material that locks up about 25% of it. With a 75% yield, that 1050mg will decrease to 787mg. Retention will vary with the type of medium used for the extraction with oil/butter/glycerin a bit higher than alcohol.

    Now we have 787mg of cannabinoids in one cup of oil. 1 cup of oil is 240ml, 1oz is 30ml. We divide the mg by the ml to determine the strength per ml and that is 3.3mg per ml in your oil or 99mg per ounce. If your brownies needed a half cup, 4oz, of oil then you would have 396mg in your batch of brownies. Cut it into 10 pieces and you'll have approximately 40mg per serving which isn't too shabby. Of course, this is all hypothetical.

    The six hours that you cooked the oil is probably going to be sufficient for decarb but as everyone above says, it's better to do that first then there won't be as much cooking time needed. With the material in the oil all that time you'll probably have a more sedative extraction, too. :)
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  11. Firstly, thank you for all the helpful comments (everyone). I ended up with some beautiful brownies, and they are absolute rocket fuel - especially when you eat two at once. Very psychoactive as well as body feeling, extreme relaxation, without a massive need for sleep. I would say it's a constant buzz at about the 2.5 mark, lasting for about 5-7 hours total.

    I'm curious what the left over oil will do that did not go in the brownies.
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