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  1. Hey all. I've got six plants currently about 2 weeks old and I need to get my closet setup! I made a diagram of what I am currently thinking about doing. Let me know if you think this setup will work well or if you have any other ideas that would work better.

    A couple of specific questions: Can I leave the intake side of the 400w hps cooltube open and just suck air directly in from the inline fan on the exhaust?

    Will the exhaust from the cool tube be enough for the entire closet? Thanks everybody!

  2. In your Veg room, you will want to switch the intake and exhaust. I would have a passive intake in lower left side of room, and have an active exhaust from the top right. (as heat rises and for better fresh air circulation.) Install a small fan in there too.

    You will also want fresh air intake (preferably active) in the flowering room. Remember to have your exhaust fan remove more air than you force in.

    Install some nice fluorescent tubes in your veg room, line everything with reflective material, and I think you have a good start.
  3. You should have your carbon filter before your light. So;

    Carbon Filter > Cool tube > Ducting to Fan
  4. Thanks a lot for the info. Both good tips and I will make sure to do that.

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