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  1. Hi guys! Before starting my grow I would like to see if I'm headed in the rite direction or if I need to change coarse and go hps. Tent size will be 48X24X60 and I'm planning to use a hydrofarm 250w 6500K lumens cfl for veg and 2700K for flower. I'm also planning to use 2 42w(actual wattage) daylight bulbs and 2 55w soft white for side lighting throughout entire grow. Planning to grow 2 at a time just for personal use. Will be using small fan probably from an old computer due to smell not being an issue. what do you guys think?
  2. Is 250w too big for CFl? Of should I go with 125? Or 4 42 watt bulbs over the top of her?
  3. just go hps ... Or led...

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  4. Multiple lower watt bulbs are better than one especially when it comes to cfls because of there lack of penetration. Also lower wattage bulbs put out less heat thus can be closer to plants, and with having multiple lower wattage bulbs, you can play around with light spread. Hope this helps !

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  5. If you can afford it i recommend HPS, however you will need better ventilation than with those lower watt cfls.

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  6. Quick question, does anyone know if I can grow a plant indoors to speed up the vegging process and then when it starts to flower and bud up move it outside for natural 12/12 lighting cycle ?
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