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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bluntedyouknow, May 31, 2006.

  1. i have 3 plants that started growing some fuckin bug ate all them so i started new ones they are about 3 inch tall right now is there any way i can keep bugs off them rents said it was probably earwigs PLZ HELP i wasted about a month cus of this (they are growing outside)
  2. theres 2 things i can reccomend. 1 would be to plant garlic very close to the spot you have the buds planted. garlic wont do anything to harm your buds or change its flavor or anything like that, it will just keep bugs away. 2 you can drop a couple of mothballs in the vacinity, (aka what my mom does for her flower garden)
  3. thx man i got some mothballs and one more thing has anyone heard of spraying plant with soapy water? does this work? if so what kind of soap should i use?
  4. well man i know the soap thing is legit but i've never done it and can't quite remember what to use. i can recommend a couple of things though.

    1. get a No Pest Strip which i believe is made by Hotshot. it lasts 4 months and really helps.

    2. get bug spray that is made for fruits and vegetables. i have 2 varieties that you can use up to the day you harvest. may or may not help with tough critters like spider mites but it'll definitely give most bugs a hard time.

    edit:eek:k i'm an idiot and missed the part about them being outside but i have definitely heard of the mothball thing and i still think the aforementioned pesticides might help.
  5. Soap: what you are thinking of is safer soap insecticidal spray. The soap coats the bugs' bodies and they suffocate and die. Can be rinsed off your plant easily after it does the job.
  6. I would personally be very skeptical about using a dangerous poison for a plant that you are going to be consuming. I have had good experience with the soap-spray (make your own with 1tsp of castile soap to 1 L of water); depending on the kind of bug it is, drying out the top inch or two of soil can prevent new eggs from hatching.

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