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Discussion in 'General' started by HighHaze, May 4, 2006.

  1. i have just bought this bong Close Up View but dont really know how to use it. how much water do i put in it? is the metal inside of it supposed to be submerged in water???
  2. Fill to where the tube starts.Id say.Then spark the lighter and hit the greens :-D

    EDIT: woops ..didnt see that you know how to use a carb?
  3. carb? wtf is a carb? lol
  4. Yeah, fill the spherical part up half way, so the water level is above the bottom of the downstem. If that is a carb, put finger or thumb over carb, light weed inhale, while inhaling take thumb off carb when you think you have enough smoke.

    I think your bong has a carb, it's that little black hole to the right of the slide in the pic.
  5. Hey buddy, read this article.

    Everything you need to know is right there:



  6. okay, so half of the hole should be in water or half of the metal part itself

    in rasta mans picture it has almost the whole stem in the water. that is how it should be like?

    sorry guys, im new
  7. also, does it matter how cold or hot the water is?
  8. here
    EDIT-Hotter water, hotter smoke.Cooler water..cooler smoke
  9. here........?
  10. Fill the chamber with water to that line on the bong, put weed in the bowl, put your finger over the carb, then SMOKE THAT SHIT AND GET HIGH!

    Tip: when your about to stop hitting and lungs are almost filled, take your thumb off the carb to clear the chamber and get even more high!

    EDIT: Ice water is usualy the best for smoth hits (just put ice in with the water in the bong, of corse).
  11. woops here if it didnt show up

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