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  1. image.jpg hello everyone, this is my second grow ever but first with an autoflower, it’s roughly 3 weeks and 2 days old but has no signs of pre-flower, I was wondering if it is looking Normal or if I should be doing more. Thanks in advanced!
  2. I see 6 spots that are turning , around 27+days you'll start seeing pistils.
    but i also see leaf damage or stress .
    Are you using nutrients ?

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  3. Dont freak out just yet....different strains can take a while....but the poster above is correct...there is some damage to your plant you'll want to look into
  4. Most likely leaf damage, the lst I do is very minimal just moving and tucking leaves, my first feed of nutes was a about 2 weeks ago, I over fed them all and some of my photos died off I’m lucky that the little bit my auto got was all, I barely gave it any bc I just happened to water it the day prior
  6. Well don't beat yourself up too much....that's a common mistake among beginners....just make sure ya learn from it:love-m3j:
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  7. Other than the nute burn and stuff is it a good size for the age? And I’m trying to learn lol hours on hours of videos and research but everyone has different ways of doing things and what not lol
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  8. Im sure you are using good soil so give it only ph 6.5 balanced water for a couple waterings
    Then after those use a 1/4 dose of nutes
    And build up
    But your on the road to flowering i can see six spots that are changing

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  9. Ok thank you! At day 27 i will give an update.
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  10. Yeah, looks on par to me!

    Yeah, that was one of the first "lessons" I picked up when I first started out...there are ALOT of different ways to do ALOT of different things...and most of them are true/do just have to play around with the different methods and find out what works best for you!

    Great job and happy growing!
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  11. H
    Hey Guys just a quick update, I believe it has started preflower, posting pics for reassurance

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