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help with asshole

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by afghansmoker420, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. so about 6 months ago i lent my friend 100$ cause he just got out of jail for the past six months he's been continuously saying just wait another week. last month i gave him 100 to go pick me up a quarter O. his dumb ass got arrested. he called me and told me he would pay me back on his birthday (july 16th) i texted him a few days ago and he has not answered n keeps ignoring my calls. he lives in my neighborhood so I've seen him driving around with his friends and shit. what do i do to get my money? any help is greatly appreciated
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    if he doesnt pay you back either beat his ass or key his car or something.

    promoting violenece is not condoned here in the city..
    grown ups deal with issues without physical violence or damaging ones
  3. Find out how he can be sent back to jail and exploit it. Is he on parole or anything?

    Or you could take the big road, and just forgive and forget. Then youre down a couple hundred though so that kinda blows.

  4. NO! Don't take the "high road". I dont care the deficit owed. In the end you deserve to get your money back. Talk some sense into him. if anything, tell him your gonna call the cops on him for doing this or that. I now how you feel.
  5. I've been in similar situation's $100 once then $60 one time. Never got the money returned even though I heard the same thing, "thanks so much, I'll get it back to you next week." Weeks go by like you don't exist, it's probably best to realize you should'nt loan or give money out if you expect to get paid back. Just figure you helped out someone who needed it, you had it and did a good thing. Next time he gets arrested and begs for help, think about how well spent the money was listening to him cry from jail. Fuck that guy.
  6. I wouldn't waste time on a person who can't keep his promises. But first I'd go tell him to man the fuck up.
  7. guys the thing is i need the money i owe my dad 100 dollars and I'm broke. and I'm not gonna steal or anything cause i don't do that crap. i need to get the money back from this guy.
  8. He's trying to weasel out of a deal. You're in your good right to get a couple of friends and go ask him what's up. No need to get violent and all, but show him that you mean business :)
  9. THen like i said, you need to give him a reason to pay you back. He wont do it out of his own free will, i mean fuck he was in jail for christ sake.

    I reiterate: is he on parole? if he is, find his parole officer, tell him what happened. And say it was related to drugs. He'll be fucked. If not, look for somehting else to use as leverage.

    Or you could pull an alpha dog moment and kidnap/kill one of his siblings... everything worked out in that movie right?
  10. I've been in this situation where i fronted a friend $50 dollars for an eighth and he said that the cops took it, but I know he just went and smoked it all. I eventually got my money back after telling him how disrespectful it was and harassing him over the phone for a bit.. New rule for me don't front unless you trust them with your home.
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    You know whats up.

    Take it as a lesson learned while helping one in need.

    EDIT: 100$ may seem like a lot right now in your life(maybe not, who knows), but its not. Think of how many $100 youll see in your life. My advice, is just forgive and forget on this one. but dont let anyone sucker you into anything. I was the kid who always helped someone out. it took me about 1000 bucks, maybe more, but now i dont give anyone money. if they need help with something, Ill help them myself if i can lol.
  12. The first lesson I learned as a banker...don't loan money that you are not willing to loose with out paper work....
  13. I read the title and thought something else.
  14. Need $100 quick, set up that eBay account and sell some stuff. You've gotta have some things lying around you'd just as well toss out. Just a thought because your most likely going to play hell getting back your dough from that malapaga bastard.
  15. Yeah don't do any damage to his personal shit because then the cops can get involved against you. Keep hounding him and tell him this shit will not stand man!

  16. same.

    it would have been so much funnier.
  17. Tell him if you don't get the money soon heads are gonna roll.
  18. First of all, just don't lend out YOUR money. Ever. And then shit like this won't happen. I won't front ANY of my friends money. The only people I will front money is my immediate family members.

    I'm sorry dude, but you're probably not getting your money back!

    If anything, go to his probation/parole officer and tell him that you know this dude was involved with drugs,etc. It won't do much in terms of getting your money back.

    But at least you can feel a little better knowing you sent his bitch ass back to jail!
  19. You should check WebMD for help with your asshole.

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