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help with anxiety/ocd

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by whateverworks, May 4, 2015.

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    I have suffered from ocd and anxiety for almost 10 years. I used to take all the pills the doctors prescribed. Those were not the answer. So I started to smoke cannibis and it helped immensely. Eventually I strayed away from it due to dependence and was clean for about 4 years..

    So lately my ocd has been much worse and I had a friend with some indica and I thought okay IL have a bit. It was great! I forgot was I was missing. No counting or organizing thoughts as I did with my ocd. But then there was the jittery anxious feeling.. so I thought maybe I should get some of the high cbd/low thc strains.

    I would like to know if anyone has suffered from either or both ocd and anxiety as I have and if higher cbd cannibis has helped.

    P.s. I know there is oil I can use and I have some. But I really enjoy the calming effect of the smoking action.

    Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks everyone
  2. I suffer from General Anxiety Disorder and I have found the higher THC strains to be very helpful for me. I don't know about the OCD but I would stick to indicas because some sativas could give you a full out panic attack under certain circumstances.

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  3. Yup, ocd, anxiety and depression here. been hell since I was 8. Unfortunately I buy off the streets so I never know what I'm getting. But I can tell you that sativa is as much of an answer as one of those meds you mentioned are, I say this a lot on gc. Indica is a godsend but sativa has no medicinal benefits when it comes to these types of illnesses, especially anxiety.
    I can't give you a better answer than to stick to indica, the less of a head high you get the less anxiety you'll experience, you want to be stoned instead.
  4. You should edit out those pill names at the top while you can to avoid a thread lock.

    What state are you in? is there medical legal?

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  5. Sorry about that I fixed it. And it is not legal where I am so my resources are limited. I do have a friend that will grow me some autoflowering high cbd strains if that is what I need. I know to avoid the sativa as they just destroy me. I'm looking for anyone that has tried the autoflower high cbd strain with success in relieving anxiety.

    Thanks for the replies everyone
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    I have an anxiety disorder.  Regular high-strength weed can exacerbate the symptoms, making me very anxious and paranoid.  This can happen with Sativas or Indicas.  High CBD/low THC weed does not produce these negative effects; (of course the ratio and concentration of both cannabinoids is important.)
  7. Apple rod what is a good ratio? I am looking at a strain with 5.5%THC and 8%CBD. Thank you for the reassurance that it is good for anxiety to have the higher cbd.

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