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Help with a homemade bowl, making a pure homemade bong.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Professor Ganja, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. So this thing will be amazing, it's made from a weird alcohol drink cup and its the perfect shape. I sawed the top off, the stem has been made. and it is perfect.

    All i need now is a bowl.

    I will NOT use a socket or tinfoil

  2. A stainless Steel socket is one of the safest things to use as a bowl. Why not use it?
  3. Yeah use a socket
  4. It really isn't, bud falls through and i dont want to waste one of my sockets on it. I need them.

    I am sure there is much more to use.
  5. or you could buy a real bong
  6. Buy a zebra pen from Walmart? Or go look around in a store such as Lowes and go to the metal section. You should be able to find something to use as a bowl.

  7. Or i already have one asshole, i said clearly in the title i am making a pure homemade one.
  8. how about taking an empty co2 thing and cut one end off of it and use that as a bowl, i did that it works wonders. might need to screen it though

  9. This, thanks dude. stopping there on my from school tomorrow.

    well home depot actually, same difference.
  10. Go to PF Changs and steal one of the metal caps off there sauces. Works perfect! Enjoy
  11. relax man.... he was just making a suggestion

    hope that bong hits well though, i'm assuming you're just drilling a carb? it'd be dope if you made it with a slide :bongin:
  12. Use some form of glass if possible. That's the safest thing to smoke from.
  13. I make homemade bongs out the ass, I try to make them pure as possible, and even then I only use then 3 times max,why,cause I like the process of making it, and using it, I mean I have a glass pipe, and bong, but turning stuff in to something you can toke from is fun. anyways, I would sugest the metal socket, with a cut up screen(usdally too big), the metal section at home-depo is a great idea too, the co2 thing sounds fucking awsome, and will try it, but you could always look around and see something as a bowl, that no one else see's.(for example co2 idea ^^^) anyways worse comes to worse just buy a glass bowl.

  14. Holy shit, snapshow over here. Chill your tits he was just making a suggestion
  15. Yeah, you guys want to see a pic as it is so far?
  16. post that shit:cool:
  17. awaiting pics...much excite

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