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  1. I need help designing a grow space for an enclosed closet in a condo. There is no way to ventilate the room except for opening the door. There is no place to exhaust either. I want to go with a 1000w HPS for flower and veg. I want to SCROG. And I'm not sure if I want to go DWC or Organic in Soil. However, I know that I need to pull down at least 1.5-2 ponds per cycle. Can anyone help me with this set up please. I need experience indoors growers. This will be my first complete indoors run. I usually go guerilla style but I need more bag appeal and better quality. STrains that I am considering are Reserva Prada OG #18, Greenhouse Seeds Super Lemon Haze.:D
  2. Take the door off the hinges and measure it. Go down ro home depot and purchase the exact same door. Go home and install your new door and cut two holes. One at the top for your exhaust and one at the bottom for fresh air

    if your looking for exact number on yield.
    1/2 gram per watt per month of flower

    1000 watts with two months of flower is 1000 grams. Now keep in mind this is a dialed in grow. With an experienced grower.

  3. Sounds like a decent idea bro. However, can I please get some mor input please???:confused:
  4. your gonna put 1000watts in your closet and you need more help from who? 1000 watts is a street lamp... in a small space... heating and cooling and having enough fresh air to grow and you need help? I would suggest you start looking at stickies....
  5. Whats wrong with 1000w in a 7*5*7 closet?? If I get a cool tubehood and some 4"inline fans I should be ok right? I just need some help with ventilation. What's the best fan setup to pull this off?:confused:
  6. 245 Cubic feet in your grow
    735 CFM rated fan

    8 inch fan and a fan speed selector.. or temp selector

    some vented hoods have 8 inch connections so this is just easier anyway
  7. Thanx bro. But it's still confusing because I read in a stickie that I need 245cfm/5min rate of room clearing interval which = 49cfm rated fan. My question is that I can get one inline 4in canfan. for cooling the HPS and odor control. But what about intake of fresh air for the plants?:confused: Will I need an intake fan? I was thinking maybe a 4in outtake fan which would force air in through an intake hole due to negative pressure right?
  8. then listen to the advice they gave you... stick your street lamp in a closet with a super small pc fan and watch what happens...

    if this was my grow.. i'd do the door thing.. and make a passive intake at the bottom of the door... eight inches...

    hang my light from the ceiling from screw eyes and light hangers with one end of the air cooled hood open and connect my fan to my light and ducting to my door...

    one fan.. eight inches.... with your setup... or did you plan on getting and a/c?
  9. @Tihspeed Why so much attitude bro? I'm just trying to get some feedback so I can build the right setup. Who ate your cherrios man? And I liked your idea about getting another door. I think that I'm going to run with that. And who said anything about pc fans???:eek: Also, If I just intake air into the closet from my intake hole directly to the hood and leave the other end open..."How will that help temps?" Seems like I need to vent that air out of the closet. And have another fan exiting air out the door. This will cause air to flow into the room due to negative pressure in the room. Is this not right in theory? Anybody with some input??
  10. nobody ate my cheerio's man... I have two speeds.. super passive and ultra pissed off and haven't taken my meds... and im irritated

    you said pc fan when you said 49CFM rated fan... or are you describing a ducting fan that everybody says not to use?...........

    I'm trying to help and your not listening... this irritates me... hahahahahaha

    nobody else is weighing in because they saw how much you have read and see its a total waste of time... hahahahahahaha

    a respectable guy on this forum put together a read just for beginners... read the sig or
    just keep purchasing bag...... hahahahahaha
  11. Simply put, if you don't have good ventilation you're going to get no where.

    If you can, exhaust into the attic through a hole in the ceiling. Obviously before you move out you would need to fix the hole but that would be really easy and not expensive.
  12. @Tihspeed I understand bro. I'm about to fire up some Red Diesel (Barneys Farm) from my last grow. It settles my nerves. Better yet, I'm gonna burn some Master Kush...SOOOO TAAASTY!!!:D But Im talking about one of those can/filter combos. Definately not a PC fan. Im not balling, but I never go cheap on my grows. Can I get away with a 4in fan or do I need a 6in.?? And I get what your saying now. Leave one end of the hood open. Exhaust through the hood and filter with a centrifugal fan. As it exhuasts its also pulling fresh air in through the 8in intake hole in the door. I assume that I will need a higher rated fan due to the ducting and carbon filter. What rate fan should I use to keep trmps cool and clean the air for 245cf of space????? I have to use 1000w to get the yield I need.
  13. @Makizushi Bro, I don't think that exhausting air smelling like SUPER DANK into the attic of a high end condo complex is conducive with staying out of da slammer!!!:eek::eek::eek::eek: Shit happens, but that shit will not happen to me bro!!!!:cool: I just want to know what rate cfm inline fan do I need???
  14. Since your in a condo.. the owners only need to give a 48 hour notice to drop by to check for a water leak or anythinglike that.. i would be extremely cautious growing in a rented building.. or a condo for that matter..

    Second.. i would be very concerned about oders... you can purchase an ionizer to help with the smell but your grow is prob to be enough to be taken care of by that.. i would use carbon filters that empty into another room in the house.. oder can be a huge issue.. spend the time andmoney taking ccare of it or you will be spending time and money downtown..
  15. already answered....

    eight inch fan.. eight inch light opening... eight inch hole in door... eight inch passive hole in door....

    an eight inch fan.....
  16. Thanks bro. I got it an 8in fan. I hope that this keeps the temps down. What do you think of my strain selection? I'm thinking SUPER LEMON HAZE(Greenhouse) or OG #18 (Reserva Prada).:D:D:smoke:
  17. I'm a giant red diesel fan. But your selections are both good. Maybe grow both!
  18. Yeah bro, Red Diesel is definately some good shit. It's a little mold prone but it yields quality buds. I was pulling down an avg of 10zips a plant in 3 Gallon pots outdoors.:cool: That was my first grow. Guerilla style. Only four made it through the animal attcks. But man did they produce. My Super Skunk produced good as well and flowered fast in like 8wks. I'm just kind of scared to run with something new..especially the OG #18 because I'm worried about yields. I also heard that the Super Lemon Haze is top notchedbut not a great producer. I need a heavy yielder and OUTSTANDING bag appeal as well. Anyone else want to throw out thier 2cents????
  19. So what did you decide on doing about ventilation? Make 2 holes in it ? how big would these holes have to be?

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