Help With 11 X 15 Lighting Layout

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by n8razze, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Hey Grass city. I need some help im currently upgrading from a 4' x 3' area to 11' x 15' room i know its a little bigger than most. But if someone could help me understand lummens and lighting per sq foot / sq meter it would help me set this up a little my 4' x3' area i currently have 110,000 lummens it it does really well....! But at such a gret increase to the new 11' x 15' i need to know if i should keep using 400 watt hps just more, if so how many or up grade to 600 0r 1000 watts and how many lummens do i need for a area this big! the new area is 165 sq feet! this is something just under 15.5 square meters...
                                                                                                       thanx ~`n8*~

  2. Check out the cheap old bastard sticky in the indoor forum. The way SG1 sets his rooms up might work well in your situation. :)

  3. sorry man i actully been bus.... veged for three months and just switched to 12/12......i planed a scrog....but i have a difficult time trimming the lower branches not getting light it kills me and advice on this one? the canapy looks great tho! .............n8

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