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  1. So I have 6 plants all looking big, green, generally healthy, and growing like crazy. Except for this white powdery shit thats showing up on all of them amongst the lower leaves. Its showing up as just white spots but is like a powder that can be brushed off, yet keeps recurring.

    There is an attachment showing this, its hard to see but its all those lighter looking spots.

    Also I'm in veg, under 1000w mh+hps, fox farm, cool mist humidifier, good ventilation, 6wks from clones

    Im worried about this affecting anything long term, hoping its not mold. Let me know what you think and I'd appreciate it.


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  2. Im getting ready to push them into flowering and wondering if this would have an effect. Anyone seen this before??
  3. hmmm.. when i had my first grow, my plant leaves had about the same thing.. i didnt think much of it cause it was my first grow but it didnt even come close to hurting my plants.. when i was done, i was thinking it was dust or dirt collecting on the leaves.. i kept brushing them off but it always came back.. good luck.
  4. You say you have a Cool Mist humidifier. I'm going to take a stab and guess that it's the Vicks Filter-less one?

    Ditch that piece of shit. The mist it puts out will put a white film on everything, as you've started to notice.
  5. no its not that vick's one, i have actually used that in previous grows, but I have a legit one in there with a filter and everything. I am wondering if even the better one has something to do with it though, but the air is so dry where I live I am hesitant to take it out

  6. Is anything else in your grow room covered in this powder? Walls, fans, pots, hood, etc..?
  7. That's a good question. It's starting to sound like powdery mildew to me.
  8. no thats whats wierd, nothing at all. Only the bottom leaves and the stems of those leaves, but its on almost all of them.
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    spider mites cause white spots when the damage the leaf, but it's not consistent with the powder.

    It's possible your water has large amounts of lime and calcium in it. When you run it through your humidifier it could be leaving deposits on your plants.

    Mine do fine at 30% humidity. Clean off all your leaves, shut off the humidifier, and see if it comes back.

    Make sure you fix this before you flower while you still can.

    You may need to take evasive action.

    "Identification, Symptoms and damage:
    Early signs of powdery mildew include white powder/fuzzy patches on leaves (usually low in the canopy) and a fuzzy white coating on lower stems. Note: powdery mildew can be wiped off the leaves for a quick visual check"
  10. thanks, that article looks like the prob I am having.

    Anyone know any surefire ways to eliminate this problem before flowering? I'll start removing infected leaves and turn my humidifier off.

    Any rinsings solutions or anything?

  11. Sounds like PM for sure. There are a few ways to deal with it. I suggest doing some research and deciding which will work best for you. You'll have to keep an eye on your plants all the way through flower. Good luck.
  12. Serenade RTU !
    Works very good.
  13. Thanks for the input, Im thinking of trying a baking soda+ soap solution tommorrow to see if it helps temporarily at least.

    Anyone had success with baking soda?
  14. I mixed baking soda & water and I think I made it to strong & killed some small plants, yellowed over night, to low of a P/H number I think.
    Next time I dusted the girls with it, I'd dump a spoonfull in my had and blow it over
    the girls.
    Maybe somebody has a known ratio to mix up a spray, I'm very cautious now.
  15. how did that dusting work?

    I mixed 1/2tps baking soda, 1/2 tsp dish soap, to 1 quart water.
    Seems to not be harming the plant so far, too soon to tell if its worked but I haven't noticed as much spreading since removing the infected leaves and spraying

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