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Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Merkidge69, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Basically i got two plants
    One if NL x big bud
    One is NL pretty lights
    Both say there 10 week flowers.
    Im on week 13. The pretty lights one is done and ready but im not sure about the NL x big bud. 75% of the hairs are orange and 25% are white.
    Most the trichs are milky but the bud looks quite airy still. Basically i need to harvest them both at same time because i need to dry in the tent, have no other option.
    Sorry about the pic quality.
    The one to the left is the NL x big bud.
    I do a two week flush, think ill be ok starting it now?

    Really stuck on what to do. I cant let the other one run much longer need to start the flush but dont want to ruin it

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  2. Judging from the pics they look ready.

    I'm assuming you want to to flush because you're using nutes?
  3. Yes i grow in DWC, i like to do a week/two week flush. The thing is the NL x Big bud is quite airy and still seems to be densening up, theres about 25% white hairs but only on the big ones, ill be flushing them for atleast 10 days, in this time will the plant kick into over drive as its not getting any neuts
  4. So just harvest after you flush.
    gives a little more time for it to mature
  5. You think that will be ok? The trichs on it are 75% milky
  6. Yeah man she should be fine.
    You'll have a little more cloudy and amber trichs.
  7. Starting the flush today

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