*HELP* When should I switch to flower light ?

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  1. My indica is 14 inches tall, my sativa is 16 inches tall. Doing blue LED 300 watt light with the blue, red, and white switches for light. When should I turn on the red with the blue to induce flowering ? First indoor grow I have a lot to learn.


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  2. I usually wait about a month to flower. I prefer to do some training in veg. I break the main stalk to promote new shoots to form. You can veg as long as you want but know your plant can double or even triple in size during flower stretch depending on strain. I like my main shoots to be the diameter of a sharpie and have 4 to 5 main shoots before i flower. But its really up to you on veg. You can veg them indefinitely, they just keep getting bigger and bigger in veg. I should say as long as your using regular feminized seeds not auto flowers. I attached a pic of one of mine before i switched it to flower a week ago.

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  3. [​IMG] I've got a ways to go then lol. Thanks man smoke up

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  4. How do you break the stock ?

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  5. I bend it back and forth till i hear a snap. I dont break it all the way just till it lays on a 90 degree angle. From there i suppirt the bent stalk so it can heal. In the mean time when its healing plant will regen new mains. The strain im using seems to generate 3 when ones broke. If i only get 1 new one which i have with other strains i break that one too until i at least have 3 main shoots. The pic below is of plany with multiple main shoots. The more main shoots the higher your yield per plant will be. The pic below shows main center shoot healed and 2 nice thick others and a few smaller ones that will produce bud as well.

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  6. Edit: not 90 degree 45 degree. I scrog so i break it till it lays flat on scrog net. Scrog net then supports broken branch till it heals
  7. Okay cool appreciate it ma. Toke up !

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