Help what's wrong with my girls??!!

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  1. So these are some of my plants as you can tell and see I'm a first time grower and I used GH Trio nutes my oldest females hairs are not turning orange like my others and I feel like my buds aren't getting as big, also my leaves look weird sorry if I'm being dense but this is my first time and I'm kinda proud of myself lol but as you see my leaves are foxtailing I think is the term what can I do to help mature faster I've already dropped to 10 hrs light and the rest dark... can I go ahead and flush and harvest my plant without the hairs turning orange? I have a good amount of tricomes...

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  2. That plant is nowhere near harvest, you need 12 hours of dark and 12 hours of light(more lighting needed). Im Not sure if that's Insect damage or just really progressed Cal/mag deficiencies... That plant has a minimum of 6 weeks left . Look at pictures of ripe buds and you will see that you're so far from harvest it's funny to even talk about it . Good luck .
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  3. Thanks man some of my plants buds hairs are turning orange though what do I do? And do I need to get Cal/Mag or flush?
  4. If you see no pests, flush with phd water, get some Cal mag and some sort of bud booster, and add them to your regular feeding schedule. Make sure you're not feeding too much because some of that damage could be some nutes burn. If your other plants are turning orange and they are the same age, the one we speak of is in better shape than those. Some Hairs usually turn orange after 2-3 weeks of seeing them, or if they are touched, let's have a pic of one of the others to check them out.
  5. Nothing wrong with her
    I would go 12/12 also. Maybe 11/13
    10/14 is a stretch imo
  6. Did you see the damage to the Bottom of that plant?.... Definitely something wrong...
  7. Are you using all 3 of the General hydroponics trio? Ive been using the same stuff but as the Lucas formula which cuts out the grow an just uses micro an bloom, you still need cal mag but it's one less nutrient you have to worry about maybe worth checking out bro
  8. What is the size of the pot that she's sitting in? Looks a bit small for how tall she is....
  9. Her are my babies lol but guys be hones for a first time grow and to be bagseed is it ok?

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  10. Scratch everything ive said so far..... You have a pest problem.
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  11. Definitely is, I realized that today I'm going to get a 5 gallon bucket as we speak. And what kind of cheap soil can I get since I'm using ge trio and I'm getting super thrive and probably rapid root.
  12. What do I do?
  13. Do I have to order Cal Mag online im in a not so nice state and I've had to order everything onlin so far. And how do I use it?
  14. I've seen worse for sure. B
    I say that because of all of the small white dots on the leaves. Honestly I've never had to deal with any infestations. Most have organic solutions, but you have to find the culprit first(what kind of bug) then make a new thread asking about how to get rid of pests and people will chime in with good answers
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    I'm no expert but that one leaf looks like spider mite damage.
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  16. Thanks you guys are life savers this is my actual good plant with a gorilla glue seed
  17. So my plant is basically trash then huh? What do I do?
  18. Well you first need to determine whether you have a pest problem or not - use a strong magnifying glass and look carefullly under the leaves. If that's the only leaf so far then it's not a serious infestation.
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  19. I've had tit clean one plant I used a light dish soap and water
  20. Unless you have a local gardening or hydroponic store to go to then yes you will need to buy it online

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