Help What wrong with my plant?

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  1. Starting my third week. This might be due to lack of light. I have no idea though. Any advice?

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    It looks more like nutrient burn are you using nutes? what's your pH it shouldn't be lack of light what lights have you got and on what cycles?
    It's probably nutrient burn and a little over watering, when the soils dry flush with neutral pH water and wait until there a bit bigger to use nutes, they need to be at least a month old to really need them and the nutrients in the soil are enough at that stage
    They might need repotting soon.
  3. Looks like nute burn here too. Soil always has plenty of nutes to carry it for a while. They do love their food, but too much too soon will burn it!
  4. Check your runoff ph
  5. I agree with the burn. Your soil was too hot or you fed too early. Do what skunky monkey said and flush it.
  6. Definitely nute burn, just use regular water for a while
  7. I haven't used any nutes yet. I'm using fox farm soil. The light is a 150w cfl
  8. I've known fox farm soil to give nute burn, often it's the same with miracle grow soil as well some plants do well allot burn, flush, 150w is fine might want to get some more light during flowering, maybe a 200w dual spectrum CFL you can get one for about £35
  9. I have one ordered. I'm creating a grow box a little over 4 1/2 foot tall and 5ft wide. I will show pics when I finish it. Will this nute burn effect my plant greatly?
  10. what strain is that man.? auto reg feminized.? and what bulb is it .? red or blue
  11. How often should I water my plant?
  12. White widow. Fem. 150w cfl dual spectrum for veg.
  13. white widow nicee :) and water when pot feels light or first 2 inch is bone dry
  14. Im topped it last night. I'm attempting to do the scrog method
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    The nute burn will pass after the plant uses up the nutrients in the soil after you flush, you might lose the effected leaves as the plant diverts the nutrient burn often to the lower leaves, in the long run no worries.
    As of watering water when the top 2 to 3 inches of the soil is dry, there tropical plants that grow well in afghanistan so they don't need to be watered to much, just when the soil becomes dry, it's good to leave it to dry out a bit sometimes.
  16. I want to say thanks to all of y'all for your advice. I will keep you all update throughout this process. All advice and opinions positive and negative are helpful
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    I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and its pretty hot, I cut mine like 60/40 with perlite.. that should be enough light now but you'll probably want to add at least another 150  when she gets bigger..
    I think others mentioned it but wait until she's super dry before watering again, the pot will be very light.. I usually wait until the leaves start to droop before watering again or feel an inch or 2 down into the soil to see if its still moist
    Don't worry about the leaves already burned, they wont recover and thats fine, just worry about new growth from here
  18. I didn't notice its a PC box grow, if you plan on keeping her small enough to fit in there you might not need more light...
  19. So adding some perlite will help out a lot? Would it been fine I I keep vegging with this soil for another 2wks then when I transplant it into my 5g bucket I add the perlite? Or should I do that ASAP?. When my box is finished it will have one 200w cfl and four 75w incandescent light bulbs. Is that smart? I wish I could show you blueprints of the box but I'm not much of a artist. I will show you the final product it should be finished by this Friday Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  20. I took it out of the PC yesterday. I just needed a little stealth box until my family member left my house. Now it's fine I'm making a 5x5 ft box. I will keep you updated on the box Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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