Help!! What kind of bong did i buy???

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  1. I recently purchased a bong it has a chamber in the middle of the stem i was told was a percolator well when i put water in it leaks down to my beaker i thought the water stayed in there or do i even put water in it?? its frustrating as hell im postin a few pics if anyone can help me???? i would be grateful sorry the pictures on

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  2. if anyone knows where and how much water and/or why the water runs right out of that chamber please let me know
  3. you should just fill the slits in the perk. if it leaks you got a broke bong. take out the slide and plug the hole blow in the mouth part and if it leaks air its broke
  4. Fill it at the bottom not the top man.
  5. its all one glass piece you put the water in the chamber from the top of the stem but then it slowly rolls into beaker doesnt look broke
  6. yeh it sounds broken dude. clean it and tell them.
  7. how much water and where?
  8. From what i can tell from the pictures it doesnt look broken too me. The top perc is only meant to have some water covering the slits on it. Most bongs will automatically release water from the chamber too the beaker if theres too much water.
  9. you only fill it to a little bit above the slits
  10. Put water only to the point above the slits on the tree. No higher, if that doesn't work then it's broken.
  11. it all runs out bu theres no break u can tilt it back to get water in the chamber before u hit it but that seems shitty
  12. sounds like the person who blew it had no idea what they where doing

    and i can see that the joint is janky and the tree arms are crooked.
    sorry, id clean it with iso and bring it back and say that you never used it, you just put water in it to test it and it didnt work

  13. Did you drop ice straight into your tube? it doesnt look like you have ice pinches, could have damaged the percs, perhaps?
  14. its got a catcher
  15. I don't see any pinches....I think you broke it dude.

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