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  1. These plants are just starting to flower. I have them outside and I just started feeding them phosphorous a couple weeks ago. These started as spots on the outside edge of the top fan leaves. This evening I noticed that it had gotten worse. The other plants are not doing this. Did I give them too much nutes? they are all getting the same nutes. Thanks for your help.

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  2. What, is everone stumped? Some of the leaves that are effected started to curl a bit. For now it is only fan leaves. I started feeding with only good well water. All the other plants are good. I have searched this site and saw many pics of different issues but I can't find any pics that look like mine. Help please I don't want to loose this nice female. :wave:
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    There's more than one problem and that always makes it much more difficult to find an exact diagnosis.

    The most important issue is Magnesium deficiency, which causes damage between leaf veins. Another deficiency is making the damage from the Mg def much more pronounced.

    K def could be an issue, because the damage is focused toward the leaf margins. K def damages leaf margins and causes downward curling.

    Ca deficiency could also be affecting the Mg def. It can cause tiny spots of necrosis and a white powdery look in certain spots. Judging from the pics, there's a good chance that Ca def is an issue.

    Did the damage begin before or after feeding the plants P? What kind of fertilizer?

    I'd get them some Calcium & Magnesium asap, and some Potassium to go with it.
  4. Looks like either pH spotting or Spider Mites. Given your plant is outdoors my money is on Spider Mites.

    Good luck dude.

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