Help!! What do you do with urine?

Discussion in 'General' started by RMJL, Jul 17, 2002.

  1. I need some information for a friend really quick, if at all possible.

    Ok, let's say that your friend who doesn't get high is coming over to pee in a mason jar for you so that you can pass your piss test, tomorrow. We know all about the temperature issue and how it will be carried and have no problems there.

    The question is what do you do with the pee until it's time to use it? Don't you have to put it in the frige or something? He's going to pee tonight and it will be used between 9 and 11 tomorrow morning.

    I have seen so many different sites that have info on this but when you really need to find them, you can't. At least, my high ass can't.

    Anyway, if anyone knows about this or has a site for me to go to, then post it, please. I'd appreciate it greatly.
  2. freeze it. Before the test pop it in the microwave. Theres nothing in your urine that will be ruined by freezing (i.e. cellular structures etc.)
  3. sounds good to me. good luck w/the test :) wish me luck as well. i've got one tomorrow for a job, lol.
  4. Good luck,Cottons!!! THC tests should be criminal and maybe one day they will be.

    Thanks a lot NuBBiN! He got some shit to drink and take just in case he ends up being watched but it's on site so I doubt that they will. This company has never tested for drugs which is why it is the most loved place to work. But another company bought it and now they're testing everyone who was hired after April 1st. It is supposed to be a suprise but someone at the top of the totem pole told him about.
  5. RMJL when i read the topic, i thought what the hell, she's forgotten tthe toilet is the place for pee!

    Now i understand. Most companies do the piss test so the Insurance will cost them less.

    My Ins co comes out a random drug test my guys. I always now when it's going to happen. I will tell my guys to watch for the Ins agent and usually a woman that might be with him. When they show up they have to let the employees pee in the cup alone. We always have a spare couple of cups of pee stashed some where.

    Heres what to do. Have the spare pee in a sealed thermos bottle hidden in the rest room. Go into the rest room, take the pee and put it in the cup and let some of it go into the toilet. The pee should still be warm, but you need to take a few minutes as if you were haveing a hard time pissing.

    Let us know how things go!
  6. I forgot to say GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Well my parents want me to take a drug test and I was thinking about getting another job. This one is sweet, I work at Papa Johns, the pay is TOTAL shit but EVERYONE smokes weed in the back and are 25 and under, so its the coolest place ever. Except I am making lots of non-legit money and my parents are going WTF because I make jack shit at work. So I need some legit money to be able to spend my "non-legit" money. Was thinking about just paying parents off to stfu but not sure if that would go to well.

    So back to the subject. Just making sure this will work:

    So I get some pee in a container from a non-drug user(damnit weed is not a drug though!). Then I freeze it in the freezer, then as I am going to the drug test I should micro-wave it?

    Didn't fully understand bud's way but that sounded like it was better then nubs, since it was stored in the bathroom so how does that work? You sounded like you said YOU pee, so hmmm???
  8. Nvm, now I get it, just took to times reading it. So the Thermo's should keep it warm for days? What if it doesnt!? Well I guess your always carrying a lighter, light the place on fire so you can get some time :)

  9. If you know you are going to be tested, the morning of the test have someone who does NOT do drugs to pee in the thermos for you. Then hide it in the rest room till test time. The thermos will keep the pee at about the same temperature till you need it.

    They will check temperature and smell at the time of test. If you freeze the pee, They will find out when the test the pee in the lab. Pee like other liquids will loose certain chemicals that they test for to find out if you are using drugs.

    If they only tested for THC or other mainlines of drugs then they wouldn't notice the missing or "confused" chemicals in your body. The test also show if you are pegnant or not and if you are male or female. Most of the lab techs do not bother to look at that since they don't know if you are male or female.

    I know this for a fact because one of my male employees come back pregnant. I had to convince the ins co that they must have screwed up the sample cups. The guy had to quit smoking for a week to pass the test. The tester stood by the door we he could see the guy piss and i had to watch as well to make witness the new cup -o-pee. I even had to sign a paper stating that i knew it was his!

    Damn idiots!!!!!!!!
  10. LMAO...but quoted from Nub: "freeze it. Before the test pop it in the microwave. Theres nothing in your urine that will be ruined by freezing (i.e. cellular structures etc.)"

    so does it or does it not really reuin by freezing? No offense Nub but I think bud might know a lil more then you on this topic but still not 100% sure who right? who wanna do some back-up research!?
  11. Ok, it's actually in the frige. I kept thinking back to American Beauty and remembered dude in the movie did that. Nothing against your advice, NuBBiN! You helped out alot. He thought you could leave it out on the freakin' counter.

    He's filling up a extra large condom(no lubricant or sperm-killers) with this dudes piss and is strapping it on him as close to has privates as possible. That will help with the temp being close to his body like that. And he hurt his back on Sunday so he uses a heating pad in his chair at work so if it feels like it isn't warm enough then he can lay the heating pad in his lap for a few minutes.

    As a back up, he is using some expensive-ass stuff to drink, just in case someone wants to hold his thing for him.

    I think he will be fine and if they ask him to piss again, he will have back-up piss in his car. We made dude hold it all day so he could have enough. He filled a mason jar 3/4's of the way.
  12. If you freeze the urine ,it will quickly separate the sediments in the urine,Not good,same with exposure to the air but slower..

    Drink plenty of coffee before test helps....masking,,,from yellow to clear.....caffeine supposedly fouls test

    good luck


  13. Well, does it do the same in the frige?

  14. Yes but not as bad or as fast. Most of the time they won't look for the stuff we are talking about unless they suspect that you do use drugs. Then they check it out just to make sure your not cheating.

    My idea is 99% full proof. It has been used around these parts for a long time. The condom is a good idea as well. Just make sure the piss is fairly fresh and not cooled in any way.

    Don't ge me wrong. Your way will most likely work too unless they suspect drug use!
  15. If your going to buy those chemical stuff then why don't you just piss urself anyways?

    Also bud, can I sue if your wrong :p
  16. If you freeze it, it will deteriorate the urine, but so will leaving it out for a day. The majority of the tests I've had to take didn't test for sediments or the flucuation of most other chemicals. Most companies are too cheap as to go all out on tests, they just get the most basic of UAs and get it over with. If they really wanted to know, they'd spend a little more cash and test hair follicles....but if you went with another method, no problem...Im not THAT offended..::sniffle::

  17. why do you say that potsmoker? no offense either but you seem to have some beef with me in alot of these threads lately, and I honestly do know what Im talking about in most cases.
  18. auctually I don't have beef with anyone here "were all stoners so why can't we all just get along" That what I follow now, lol. Sorry for anything before...but like I was trying to find a way that works and you stated that you should "freeze" it and then Bud said freezing messes it up....I was just stating that I thought Bud knew a little more, due to him being like a owner of some place or whatever and taken/given them lots. So your post wouldn't be misleading to other readers...I dunno really, sorry if I offended you in any way
  19. no Im not offended at all. I just know that we got off on a bad start a while back and I didn't want you to be holding any grudges against me or anything...
  20. Well, the drug test went fine.

    Thanks for the advice, and for the record, when I came back and read NuBBiN's post, I told my friend exactly this, "Well, if anyone would know it would be NuBB, he knows his shit!!!! I trust him!"

    Listen to this, though, they fingerprinted everybody. FINGERPRINTED, them!!!!!! If that isn't an act of total invasion of privacy, besides the freakin' drug test, I don't know what is. If the citizens of this country aren't being screwed by the government and watching their rights go down the drain, then they are screwed by the corporations.

    Do you agree? Is that wrong? Or am I just so freakin' sick of the way our rights are being ripped from us?

    I understand not wanting felons in certain companies but, hell, just run a check, don't fingerprint them as if they are criminals, they're employees trying to earn a living.

    And what if it comes back that someone was arrested for possession of marijuana 10 years ago? They lose their job because of the damn prohibition of a plant!!!!!!

    That was my rant for the day!!!!

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