Help! What can I do with this closet?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Recluse420, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. I have a closet on the 2nd floor of my place and it would make a great grow room I think, I've been looking at a ton of guides on the net and got a ton of info on larger rooms but have not seen much for the closet grower. This room is 6x6 and like 8 foot ceilings, I have attached a picture of the room for reference and I would love to hear what YOU would do with this room as far as equipment goes, thanks for your time and help mates![​IMG]
  2. oh the possibilities...

    you can pretty much grow whatever you want in there, that's a perfect room for growing with that window for ventilation
  3. Thanks for the reply Matt, I dunno if I could open that window do to it being not but 10 feet from the 1st level of my front door... So I dunno if the smell would drift to far out...

    I'm thinking a budget of $1500, I would like to use LED's but they seem pretty pricey but I really like the low watt's they use and they produce no heat. is what I've been looking at.

    Keep the replies coming mates!
  4. for 1500 you could have a pretty nice hydro setup if you did a DIY plan, i'm not sure with the prices of premade hydro kits
  5. put net certains over the window, then put a black sheet over it, board it off, thatl stop anybody seeing what your upto.

    Remove any carpet then lay polastyrene over the floors to prevent the plants touching colder ground.

    Cover the ceiling with anti detection foil to stop any heat differences being detected. Then cover the walls in White Black Foil or mylar.

    you could grow alot of plants in there so alot of lighting would be needed, id say 2 250watt HPS or MH lights, from looking at the picture, but thats a personal judgement.

    Large area, if you fill it with alot of plants, use soil. hydro is pretty hard to do with large ammount of plants.

    im pretty high and lost track on what else to say, sorry
  6. You could use hydro as long as you have a main res so you only have to check once and you can make alterations there also.
  7. omg, my closet is similar, but without a window. I wish I had a window....
  8. wow that closet is perfect. your lucky to be able to grow there . !500 will give you all and some with what you need. good luck and keep us updated.
  9. Thanks for all the replies! Anyone have any links for some DIY hydro plans?
  10. With a space like that, the world is your lobster !!
  11. I'd put in a small A/C unit to cool everything and block off the rest of the window.

    I'd cut a fresh air vent in the ceiling (save that drywall circle for when you patch it back up.. it's EASY)

    Carbon scrub the room for smell and vent into your upstairs room.

    Then buy a QUALITY MH/HPS Switchable 600W and a couple of fans to cool it. Then get yourself a bunch of 5gal buckets and set up a Bio-Bucket system... A La Big-Tokes Style...

    Shouldn't run you more than a few hundred bucks and you'll be able to SCRoG some serious dank medical.

    Run the Lucas Formula for nutrients until you're ready to try something on your own 'cause it'll keep things super simple for you until you're ready.
  12. Thanks hydro and Mels!
  13. I would deff spilt it into 2...

    I would make 2 tents... Left side Mother/Clone (A chamber; 2x6x5), right side FLOWER(B chamber; 2x6x8) ...

    I keep my mums in organic and feed them nothing but organic nutes...
    Cut clones, veg In (A), then stick'em in a hydro set up in (B)

    If possible, Id install my "vent" box on top of CHamber A, thats why I left it 5' tall..


    In a 2x2 area on left side would be a my mother section witch would be sufficient space for 4 mums... Id run a 200 watt CFL, and probly some extra CFLS for supplement...

    The 3x2 area, I would divide into 2... This is where I would keep my clones... Call it A1 and A2... A1 (upper shelf unit) would be 2x3x2 and A2(bottom shelving) would be 2x3x3... Id use FL fixture but trying to increase light intensity from A1 to A2...

    My reasoning being that, I could get 12 clones one week, stick them in A1, week later, switch them to A2 while you stick more clones in A1..


    And Id make a 2x6 (B) 12 net pot drip feed or NFT. I go for SOG every time!...
    With 2, height adjustable, air cooled 300 hps lights
    Carbon scrubber, the whole nine!

    MAn oH maN... You just made me realize I need a bigger room =( ... I am Tre'jeleouse!!
  14. YOu know What I was just Thinking guyS that would be insane!!... A stadium style grow that even goes around wall with window ?



  15. LMAO! or oyster!! A penny saved is worth two in the bush is it? LOL!
  16. You are obviously an American, or you would be familiar with Arthur Daley´s famous misquote. LOL :)
  17. I am American by all sence of the word pero yo soy Cubano Americano, pero no hay falla! Your obviously from Spain ... well because it says it on your profile!! lol...
  18. Thanks for the post O'ger! So many great replies!

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