Help! Weird color on leaves, nutrient problem?

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    I'm relatively new to growing and my usual growing help is out of town, I'll refer you to my grow journal if you want to check out my set up ( but I'll give you a quick list so you know what's up before I lay out my question.

    5x10 Secret Jardin Darkroom 2 Grow Tent
    3 - 6 in. Air Cooled Light hoods
    3 - 1000W HPS Bulbs powered by Grow King switchable ballast (240V setting)
    In Room 8,000 BTU A/C
    Average room temp of 78 F
    6 Plants, 3 Strains (3 Afghanistan Kush, 2 Kryptonite, 1 Blueberry)
    Watering every other day, 2 gallons per 3 plants
    Nutrients in the water, Six part Cutting Edge Solutions program with bud candy and, starting yesterday, big bud powder.
    Coco-fiber blend soil, drain to waste system
    Day 15 of Flower (3/10/11)

    The plants are looking extremely healthy, and are budding ahead of predicted schedule, but recently there has been a slight discoloration of between 6-10 of individual leaves on each plant. Not too wide spread but still concerning. What can I do to reverse this coloring and get everything green again in the emerald city? I have a picture of one of the leaves bellow (I had to pull it off the plant to get a good picture of the color). Let me know what you think, any constructive help is appreciated! :smoke:

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    im on my first grow but that just looks burnt from nutes but i may be wrong

    not saying you went wrong with powder but i heard liquid is easier to work with
    (dispersed better through the soil or something)

    i noticed a few of mine doing that after some time of adding nutes
    (i think like after my third time adding)

    but if im right just like lower the amount of nutes you mix in the water to a lower amount but still over half is what i would do
  3. That condition can be caused by drying out; wind burn, light burn, etc. That said, it can also be caused by Phosphorus deficiency which is what it looks like the most.
  4. Yeah the leaves that changed color have been that color of a few days now, I'm going to step up the phosphorus and see if that changes anything.
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    Okay so I'm almost positive it's a phosphorus deficiency after taking a closer look at the leaves while watering/feeding today. Now I want to add more phosphorus and in the six part CES nutrient system we use it's the Bloom (0-6-5). I'm already adding 30 ml to each 2 gallon can. Each plant is getting roughly 10 ml of Bloom every two days on a drain to waste....any ideas on how I should alter that so I don't poison? I've heard some of that phosphorus deficiency is normal but not until later in the flowering than I am....
  6. i would suspect nute burn if it happened that fast. did you mix a lot in recently. I would calm things down for a few days before I add phos

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