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HELP!! weed is not bad

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lippa14, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Hey guys im not new to smoking, but what do you tell people when they tell you smoking marijuana is bad for you. Last night at my job i was like fucking attacked by everyone and i had nothing to say. what do u guys say when people tell you weed is bad for you
  2. Depends on how hard headed the people are. If I can get to them I'll counter point, if they're sheep i just laugh it off.
  3. I just tell them them; fuck off, its my money that I worked hard for, its my body, its my own free time, etc.
  4. fuck off eh? w/e but just ask them what they actually know about weed then if they're wrong correct them.
  5. tel em noone has ever died from it. zero chance of addiction or OD. tell them its been proven to not cause brain damage, and in one study i read it said THC inhaled killed of ding lung cells and was a way to prevent lung cancer....
  6. do any of these people ever have a few drinks and drive? If so they are more dangerous than the weed that you smoke.
  7. Research and be intelligent
    Know about the substances you put into your body.
    When people say its bad for you, calmly and intelligently talk about say how THC kills dead and dying cells which has a preventive measure against cancer.
    Talk about how not one person has died from Cannabis use yet Tobacco and Alcohol kill Hundreds of thousand of Americans.
    Talk about how Alcohol Induces destructive and violent behavior while Cannabis dose not.

    Learn the history of prohibition and our country
    At one point in our early history it was Illegal to have a farm and not grow hemp because of its industrial properties.
    How our constitution, bill of rights, and the bible are printed on hemp paper.
    How Hemp seed oil is more effective than lindt seed oil for paint
    Hemp is more efficent at producing plastic than crude oil and corn.
    And because of the economic loss that some big company would suffer they pushed propaganda through films print and racial feelings. and started prohibition.
    Then state that the government is lying to them Pot is not a harmful substance.

    There is a start for you
    Research and learn then debate when some one will take you seriously
  8. TheCollective has the right idea. Do what the nay-sayers wont and pick up a book. Usually the people that tell me im 'stupid' for smoking end up smoking in the long run once they've read through my medical books and given themselves some much needed knowledge.:smoking:
  9. QFT imo.
  10. listen to exactly what they're saying, most nonsmokers don't know dick about marijuana so they'll say any random thing as long as it's negative causes death, it makes your brain die, it causes cancer of everything, it turns you into an axe murderer...

    you can counter all this misinformation by asking if they've heard that Amsterdam's coffeeshops now have a no-tobacco smoking ban imposed on them - people are allowed to smoke marijuana in them but not tobacco, and they can't even mix tobacco with marijuana and smoke it in them.

    Most people find that the strangest thing coz they think tobacco's not good for you but it's not nearly as bad as marijuana which is basically the devil. So when you tell them the reason for the ban is because tobacco smoke causes emphysema and cancer, and is responsible for 400,000 deaths every year in this country alone, while marijuana doesn't cause any of these things and in fact there's never been a single death from marijuana in the history of man they tend to be a bit surprised.

    tell them also that marijuana is so nontoxic that researchers haven't been able to determine whether it even has an LD50, and that it is less addictive than caffeine and even less toxic than water. In fact you could quote DEA Chief Administrative Law Judge Francis L. Young who, after two years of public hearings, declared that "in strict medical terms marijuana is far safer than many foods we commonly consume. It is physically impossible to eat enough marijuana to induce death. Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man".

    If they're still making noises tell them that in the biggest study in the world into the safety of marijuana, Dr Tashkin and his researchers expected heavy marijuana use to increase the risk of cancer but in fact found that it has no correlation at all.

    I find the most effective thing to use in order to be taken seriously is to know your facts, know the names of the researchers and know exactly what they found. Even better, be able to quote them word for word.

    GL man! ..ignorant people suck!
  11. over all the tobacco deaths that they report per year,i havent heard 1 about how many deaths from weed there are. cuz u cant die from it obviously.
  12. I'm this day and age, where are you working that there isn't a soul who is at least tolerant of marijuana?

    Don't be an asshole about it, and know what you're talking about.
  13. Knowledge is your friend.
  14. just tell them to show you proof of just how "bad" weed is

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