Help!! Wasting Smoke!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Jodi, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. HELLO ALL,:hello:

    Im new here, and this is my first post. So, first things first!!
    =============>HELLO CITY!!!
    I have a question for all you 'EXPERTS!'. I am WASTING my POT!! I have Asthma, and thierfore, have a very difficult time smoking(I cough too easy, or cant seem to get the smoke deep enough).

    How can I MAXIMIZE my HIGH without out choking all not. I prefer to smoke, if you have anythoughts to help thier. I have no idea about anything else. I would love to know how to EAT POT!!!

    So THANKS in advance for your help, I appreciate it!!!

    -Jodi :smoking:
  2. well hi welcome.....i moved your thread to general discussion i thought you might get more responses here.
  3. well, what have you tried smoking out of that makes you cough so much.

    i would recommend a bong or bubbler, or anything that filters smoke through water. get yourself a nice bong with an ice catcher, and your hits will be smooth as hell.

    to eat it, check out indianatokers sticky at the top of one of the thread pages. maybe general, or seasoned tokers, not sure, but it's somewhere.
  4. I would definitely suggest a bubbler (the more chambers the better) if you still want to smoke the old fashioned way! You get the perks of water filtration, plus smaller capacity in the pipe so you won't be killing yourself with huge hits (like a bong would provide). If you can part with the smoke, I'd suggest a vaporiser. I've never used one, but i've heard only good things about them. I'm sure someone will come in and tell you how awesome they really are.
  5. Smoking's not good for asthma. I've heard that vaporizers work well for people with asthma... no coughing. Try one first before you buy (if you can) just to see if it works for you. But whatever you do, stop smokin' it and anything else. Smoking's not good for asthma.
  6. Hey thanks all for the help, but IM REAL NEW to the sceen, so how does a bubbler or vaporizer work?
  7. a vaporizer heats the weed just enough to activate the thc in a mist.. this is a very helpful tool to the people who have ashma or just want to smoke without damaging thier lungs
  8. i have asthma also, so i know what it feels like. you probibly want a vaporizer like said above or you'll have to suck it up and build a tolerance to smoking. i love weed and i love getting high, and no desease is going to stop me. bongs helped me out at first,making it less harsh (this was at the time i couldnt afford a vape) good luck with your ventures.

    edit: welcome to GC....
  9. Haha that probably took you 20 minutes to style up that thread. +rep for sure
  10. Early christians used to treat asthma with anointing oils which main ingredient was cannabis flowers; crude hash oil.

    That doesn't help much unless you want to rub hash oil on yourself....... damn, i think i just came up with some a new kind of foreplay......

    ...i have to go find my girl... :ey:
  11. LMAO

    you are all funny!!!!!!!

    Ya it took me two trys to get the original thread typed, LoL!!!
  12. I say just roll up a joint its the smoothest and most tastyiest way to smoke tree's in my opinion :). And it doesn't make you cough so much
  13. hmmmm cooooool it down hella like get a bong and like put hella ice in and if u dont have one just make a homemade thing but im talking HELLA ice and shit or snow if its available that way it will cool so much u wont feel it just dont take monster rips and u should b fine
  14. I tried using a home made light bulb vaporizer and I didn't like it too much. The mist or steam or whatever you want to call it was actually a lot more harsh than I find smoke to be, but that may be because of how hot it got in such a small chamber (inside of a light bulb). It works... it didn't burn or smoke, but it was harsh for me. However, professional vaps probably work much better.
  15. i have bad asthma, but what i do (if you have on) is use this machine called a nebulizer, it really clears out/opens up your lungs, and i do that before most of my sessions, i hit better cuz my lungs are so open and relaxede after it.....

    if you hav one use it!!
  16. Anymore ideas on ways to eat it, I mean can ya just put it like in hmmm....something, and eat it
  17. hahaha what a funny looking device!


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