Help to make a brochures for police officers

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by mechanix901, May 17, 2010.

  1. i plan to create, hand out, and film myself handing out brochures to the stupid police and lawmakers around my area of downtown memphis.

    of course regular citizens too...

    Ideas are much welcomed.
  2. What kind of information do you plan on including?
  3. failures of prohibition, how they treat innocent people like violent insane criminals and lumping marijuana users with the same
  4. Probably much better off petitioning your state lawmakers and educating voters. Cops just enforce the laws on the books (or at least that is what they are supposed to do).

    Cops aren't the problem, laws and lawmakers are (and the people who keep voting for the same idiots over and over again).
  5. I do agree with this, although having the backing of some of the more powerful and influential officers WILL help tremendously. It's amazing how much people actually listen to statements coming from the Captain/Major/Colonel/Chief of Police in a particular county, especially when it comes to legalization. These are the elected officers over the LEOs who have witnessed first-hand how much taxpayer money is wasted enforcing certain laws. It's also always nice to get the backing of any cop at any level too.
  6. this all kinda of info i would like to condense down to a quick read, if possible i can news to put me on the air.

    And i mentioned lawmakers and cops :) . In memphis the jail, court, and law schools are all in the same central area so it would be a great place to hand these out.
  7. you should have the most obvious side (like the front and inner part) list all the arguments against pot. Then on the back you should list all the counter-arguments with credible references so that the lazy ass pigs who say "oh look at all this info saying that pot is bad!" and don't read the entire think will fuck themselves when they go around showing it to everyone who actually will look at the back part or whatever.

    Sure probably won't work out this way for everyone but it is still effective in that it will catch the interests of the opponents long enough for them to see the actual stuff.

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