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  1. Hi, this is my first grow and I'm having trouble keeping my temperatures and humidity, I live in a basement so I don't have control over the heater and the people upstairs sometimes blast the heat and it gets really hot I try to stay at 25 Celsius but sometimes it gets to 30 or 20 degrees and my humidity since I live in Colorado is super low even though I mist the plants 3 or 4 times a day and I try to get it to 40% rh but it can be at 20% at times any advise? Should I get a humidifier? Also I'm using an exhale bag for co2 enhancing and a 400 watt mh lamp. And a 6 in vortex inline fan with a cool tube. Please heeeelp here's some pics!
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  2. Ok so lets address some issues
    1. The co2 bags (dont make a bit a difference save your money )
    2. Probably the reason your having trouble with your rh is the high temps its harder to get a Stable or even reasonable rh with higher temps
    3. The cool tube great for keeping things cool horrible at light dispensing hot spots everywhere
    Listen its your first grow everything looks good from what I can see of the plants get the growing and life cycle parts down pat then start playing with humidity and stuff like that it doesnt play as big a part as u might think keep doing what your doing ull love that low humidity when it comes to flowering ...but if u must worry about humidity try a piece of wet carpet with the low humidity you have it will take all day to dry while putting moisture in your tent
  3. lower humidity is actually a good thing when temps go high, don't sweat it.  oh and your plants look fine so don't worry about it.
  4. Absolutely agree.
    You've obviously been reading about how to grow.  There are 'optimal' conditions, and there are certain problems that occur more often in high/low temps and with high/low humidity, but it looks like everything is okay.  Certain strains are more fussy, and certain strains prefer the heat or the cool, and also dry or humid, so in a way it's impossible to get it right unless you really know your particular strain.
    Plants are very adaptable, they grow skinnier leaves in low humidity to reduce evaporation.  The real problem is with seedlings and cuttings, low humidity can dry them out before they get established.
    High humidity is bad late in flowering because it can encourage mould and rot in your buds, but you don't have to worry about that.
    The temp ranges you give are fine too.If you couldn't keep them below 30C it would be an issue, but if they happen to reach 30 degrees for a couple of hours in the day it's no big deal.
    Everything looks under control, relax :)

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