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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by mushroomsatsuji, May 28, 2010.

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  1. Aside from the 'real life stories' forum, would it be a good idea to make a support forum? There are many threads there about problems and complaints. This is supposed to be a close, friendly, and helpful community so why not have a place where blades can post rants and other things they need help with. Now there is a good chance of a troll getting in so maybe allow approved people to post replies? Not sure if an anonymous feature is possible.

    I mean we all need help. Someone to talk to at least and sometimes talking to someone irl is to difficult so someone from a trusted community may be what they need.

  2. Ya know that doesn't sound like a bad idea.
  3. I think this is already taken care of. There are real life stories, a relationship section, car section.

    No matter what you need help with, there seems to be a place to put it. I find that there are already so many blades I've never heard of and vice=cersa, no need of an additional forum.
  4. that logic is kind of ass backwards. you think there shouldn't be another forum because there are already so many blades? shouldn't forums grow as members join? and i don't think that's what mushy meant. I think he was referring to help as in people who are in emotional distress

    and although it's not a bad idea, i think the reason we don't already see it is probably because it's some type of liability. but i'm with ya on this one mushy, it could be a great benefit to blades in need, especially for the ones who are a little lost in life.

    at the very least maybe we could get the GC Blade Helpline ( going again with a combined effort of mods and members to update the list and sticky it at the top of general, real life stories, pandora's box, and sex, love, and relationship forums (those seem to be the most logical ones to have it at)
  5. Risky, you spoke it.

    There are forums that cover most subjects, but trolls do get in. It would be helpful to have a forum that blades could post serious problems.

    Creating another group is not difficult. If we are to give serious advice, only trusted members should reply, but everyone should be able post a question.
  6. I'll check into what we can do and then go from there. :)
  7. The anon feature is only an invitation for trolls to post what they want. Though you will know who they are, this should be like the VIP forum. Maybe, only the VIP forum should respond. Those members are known and trusted.

    Can this be done?:)
  8. There are good and wise Blades and Bladies on the open forums too, so how do you choose who gets to respond??:confused::smoke:
  9. Maybe an application process? If you want to join the support team, send a PM to a mod, or maybe a person designated to this position, with a short response to why you should be allowed?
  10. This needs to get bumped. I know rummy is busy doing a shitload of things but perhaps when she has time we can really take this into consideration due to recent events from one of our own.
  11. I think there are several good blades who are not VIP, which have proven to be very trust worthy and helpful to our community.

    I feel I already am very helpful in the growing/breeding sections; I also spend alot of time studying legal issues surrounding MJ cases, and other types of drug cases, and have worked as an intern for community mental health on the 24 hour help line. I also spent alot of time speaking to troubled teens upon my release from prison about drugs, choices, and consequences; this was volunteer and not part of my parole.

    We have a vast community of people who can be/are helpful and I think if they are allowed to become part of a specialized group to assist and help other members, it would be a great resource for our community. I would gladly take on anything dealing with legal issues, troubled youths/children, and single parent issues. I think the grow stuff I already put in my best efforts to help.

    Hopefully Rummy will kick it around it will become part of our community.
  12. despite the fact FW deleted the post, and a thread trying to help, me and Royksopp were able to contact the member. We also contacted the hotel he was at and got him medical attention. *

    This is exactly why I suggested this thread. We need a place where blades can go when they have no where else to turn. I know we arent therapists or anything but what most people in these situations really need is a friend to talk to, not some random douche who is paid to pretend to care.

    RMJL, I really hope you take this into serious consideration

    *If you dont know what Im talking about, dont worry about it

  13. I'm kicking a lot of things around right now that need to be kicked before this but after I'm done kicking the other stuff, I'll try to kick this. :D
  14. Just don't kick me while you are kicking around all the other stuff you need to kick around.;)
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    I didn't see this post until now. I didn't check the thread after I posted.

    This is exactly why we don't need one. All of this proved it and we won't be making a forum for this.

    It's one thing to talk about your problems but it's another when you threaten suicide. Besides it being a really heavy burden and responsibility on our members, it also becomes a HUGE liability. HUGE.

    Suicide threads will be deleted immediately in the future with advice to get professional help and maybe a hot line number. This decision had been made many months ago and, as far as I know, that's the way they had been handled.

    Sorry, guys.
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