Help Super Crop mistake?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Sheim520, May 15, 2010.

  1. Im pretty sure i did it right, around 3 leaf sets up i pinched with my fingers and bent 90 degrees i did hear a snap ik your supposed too. but its been about 3 days since i did the plant has corrected itself but i dont see any new growth from the place where it was bent its like a purplish brown if needed i will take a picture
  2. take a picture
  3. It wont grow from place where its "bent" cause thats physical impossible.
    It's about more branches but to not cut top of the plant.
    She will recover, of course she wont stop growing but until she fully recover and continue growing in high she will made branch from each node bottom cropping place.

    Im not sure you know at all what you doing there, or I dont get this question correctly.
  4. There's not supposed to be new growth at the bend. That bit should heal up and the lower branches should get a slight boost of growth.
  5. Super cropping is under the same principal as LST...more light to the lower branches to get more bud sites that are larger (or colas). Just make sure you pinch first then bend well or else it just won't super cropp or you run the risk of snapping the stem.
  6. You're thinking of topping. (maybe the same thing)

    Topping is when you pinch the new set of leaves at the top of the plant off. Because, at each leaf set, there's a pair of nodes(baby branches), and if you pluck the leaves from above the two nodes on top, the two baby branches will have way more light/energy, and grow up, making two main stems, instead of one.

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