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Help! Suddenly marijuana makes my eyes itch soooo bad!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Weedkeeper, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. I've smoked for many many years with 0 problems. All of a sudden now when I smoke my eyes get so itchy I want to scratch them out of my head. The itchyness is mainly in the inner corner of the eyes not the eyeballs themselves. I've tried Many anti allergy anti itch eye drops they don't help. Anyone had this problem / had a solution to it? I've tried many different types of weed all same effect. I quit for almost a year hoping it would solve itself to no avail same problem is back. The itching will remain for atleast 48 hours after smoking.

    I know I'm gonna get a bunch of posts saying to just stop and that's what I will do if I have to but I would love it if someone knew a solution.

    How can u all of a sudden develop a allergy out of the blue where there was none before? WTF? Rubbing weed on my skin shows no sign of topical allergy.

    Any suggestions?

    PS yes I've tried smokingh with swimming goggles on make sure it wasn't smoke. I've tried using pipe no papers.

    Smoking once without benedryl a VERY small amount it's itchy eye city

    If I do benedryl 20 minutes beforehand a very small amount eyes barely itch. Smoking anymore then say 2 pipe inhales even with benedryl it's itchy eye city

    I smoked tons for years fine Now this! Anyone experience this?

    Sublingual drops might work? Brownnies? I'm so pissed
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    Maybe you just got an allergy that doesnt affect you much, but when you smoke your eyes get bloodshot so that exponentializes the effect of the preexisting allergy and so you notice it.

    yeah allergies can be random....ive never had allergies except once...one summer my eyes would do this thing where they got mad itchy and if i itched them theyd hurt afterward, but if i didnt itch them the itchiness would increase to the point where itching them felt orgasmic (but then hurt after lolol) but my point is, it only lasted like a couple weeks and ive never had an allergy since....soooooo what you have could be a random pop-up allergy
  3. A person can develop allergies at any stage in life. I was an allergy free adolescent, but began noticing seasonal allergy symptoms in my late 20's. I'm 35 now, and I my allergy symptoms can get really bad at times.
    I actually posted about cannabis allergies on the medical board not long ago. I've begun noticing that my day smoke (Sativa dominant) causes my allergies to act up. My eyes get really dry, and itchy, and my nose gets stuffed up really bad.
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    It I's bad though it's so itchy it's unbearable it's like I want to dig out my eyeballs. Does sublingual weed high make your eyes bloodshot too? Will eating it / sublingual possibly help?

    I would also add it itchs bad for a full 48 HOURS after high is gone?!!!!!!

    That typical for allergy?
  5. I'd try making edibles and/or vaping to see if you still get the "itching" sensation. Please make sure to report back your experience:wave:
  6. Pour pepper in your eyes
  7. Vaping does create the itch ;(
  8. are you pickingup new kush that migt be alduterated with something?

    has anything else in your environment changed recently? new clothes, bedsheets, medications, etc....

    could be a number of things dude. I found out i was allergic to my gf's cat and would stuff up and get itchy watery eyes if she even brought a sweater from home .
  9. At least you were able to conclude you were allergic to her cat. It would be awful to find out you are allergic to your girlfriend. :p
  10. maybe see a doctor and ask? I mean obviously he'll probably tell you to stop but if you tell him you don't want to I'm sure he'll at least help you brainstorm something to do about it.

    Maybe just use saline drops (like visine or something)? Maybe start taking a daily allergy medication like Zyrtec or Claritin? Neither can hurt you even if you don't have allergies, it might be worth a try
  11. haha ya bro turns out i was, my doctor gave me a scrip for $20 bills to be applied to the affected areas as needed :D
  12. dunno man

    I usually itch my eye high cause it feels good and I dont wanna stop lol
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    thought I would let everyone know... The best self solution to this problem is Loratadine

    definately not a complete fix but it helps me significantly more than anything I've tried without seeing a dr..... Benedryl helps mildly by comparison.

    Without anything i smoke a tiny bit my eyes itch crrrrazy 48hrs
    with benedryl Smoke tiny bit slight itch can't smoke twice without itch 48hrs
    loratadine smoke normal amount 1x no itch, smoke twice with small amt slight itch for a few hours

    cannot smoke 1x a day with loratadine as second day starts to mildly itch and builds up to crazy itch third day.

    With loratadine can smoke 1x every other day or third day without much discomfort
    however...if i keep this pattern it builds up in system and bothers so once every week maybe twice with loratadine is best solution to whoever has this problem and yea I know...it sucks hard but at least it saves $$$$$
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    a bit late to the thread...but good to know. If I ever have a patient that tells me their eyes itch after smoking pot, I'll remember that :)
    I've got more at Right Eyes
  15. My wife suddenly developed a deadly allergy to strawberry's after her first pregnancy, she loved them before and was very upset. I too experience itchy eyes when smoking, I even sneeze some, but what the op is describing is way more intense then what I experience. The truth is we still are not sure why adults suddenly develop allergy's, here is a few links regarding this subject.
    none of the links are about weed but interesting none the less.
  16. Use eyedrops for dry eyes & rub moisturizer around you eyes. I have the same problem, I use Vaseline Intensive Lotion. No complaints at all, perfect for when smoking gives you irritated lips & nostrils too.
  17. Do you use eye drops regularly when you smoke to cover up how red they get? Cause those types of products can mess things up in your eyes if used for a long period of time.
  18. Rubbing your eyes excessively can also cause the blood vessels under your lids to swell, which will lead to stringy build up (the mucus lubricates the lid to keep it smooth) and that feeling of something in your eye. Systane is a great lubricating drop!
  19. Yea they can dry out your eyes if you get one that gets rid of redness ive heard because it constricts ur blood vessels*.. Be careful with ur eyes man. Better off not smoking during the day if u feel u need drops every time than fuckign them up for the future..
    *not sure if thats the reason but the drying out your eyes factwas from a pharmacist so i  avoid them as much as possible unless they are needed.
  20. ok soooooo i read thru the thread and i doubt its an allergy .... more then likely its that your not hydrated enough while smoking ...... it could also be that your capillaries aren't getting the oxygen they need (this causes red/darkness around the eye) .... I get an itch on the inside of the eye by my nose(or you tear duct) that can at times be severe ,but nothing that i don't forget about once SUPER stoned

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